About Us

Amapola Exclusive Events Company was founded in August 2013. It is a professional organizer of all types of corporate and private events, as well as public events at the municipal and state level. The company implemented a large number of interesting and diverse projects.

Our conceptual approach is based on the principle that every client’s event is an important event, which should be unique and unforgettable. For this to happen, we plan, organize, and control the activities carried out at all stages.


Our mission is to give our clients a sense of uniqueness and individuality, to awaken their sleeping emotions and feelings.

What does it mean? It means that we do not create something new, but on the contrary, we help clients not to lose those feelings, the taste for their uniqueness, and in some cases even, reviving them, showing our clients the way to see really important things and details that people need for overwhelming happiness.


Quality – high quality of work is the greatest asset of our Company;

Creativity – we think globally and go beyond the bounds of possibility;

Transparency – we communicate openly and consciously;

Passion – we love what we do, constantly moving forward, improving and supporting any innovation;

Team spirit – we are a united team of responsible, honest, frank, and brave people supporting and respecting each other. Together we are the power!

Our principles:

  • Customer

We take into account our clients’ wishes and interests in services offered, as well as the preferences of all age groups.

Timeliness, quality, innovation, and the most important one – mood are an integral part of our business philosophy.

Production efficiency is supported by ongoing analysis of consumer interests and the brand versatility with divisions working in mutual interests.

  • Employees’ growth and leadership

Our employees have the long-term motivation, bear liability for the knowledge and experience preserved systematically, and keep growing in the internal development system.

Teamwork and effective communication are our standards. The safe working places of our office are provided with regular monitoring.

  • Technical and technological solutions

Our products are based on state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies. Thanks to them, we provide custom development and production, based on the constant formation of precedents.

We keep discrepancies to a minimum by improving the quality of development and production, organizing product diagnostics and testing, as well as controlling the operating environment.

The uniqueness and individuality of the services we offer is our key advantage over our competitors.

  • Suppliers and partners

The relationship between suppliers and partners is the most important part of our policy based on the partnership principle.

Our suppliers are chosen carefully in accordance with established criteria focused on quality, environmental, and occupational safety.

We would rather have long-term reliable cooperation, than one-time profit, and we are open to new things.

  • System-based and precession approach

All processes in our Company are managed by the system.

Through project and knowledge management, as well as the internal customer concept, we improve not only the flow of materials and information but also the activities of all other areas.

The feedback-based approach is a must for us. With this strategy, we implement a continuous improvement process and maximize the moving away from the old principles.

  • Stability and responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility for the project, as part of the liability sharing by areas, and we know that only teaming up can make a long-term contribution to the environment.

We are committed to meeting the requirements of current environmental regulations and enhancing product quality by improving trends. Therefore, we check all the sources and raw materials, their regulation system, as well as employee training and education on an ongoing basis.

We successfully implement the most unusual ideas!

You want to make your event an unforgettable experience for you and your guests? We and you hold the keys to the kingdom!


Goverment events

When organizing large-scale events at the state level, the main criteria of the approach of the Amapola Exclusive Events are delivery of projects on time and on a turnkey basis, full control over the event, strict compliance with the norms of diplomatic protocol, coordinated work in accordance with the detailed plan and cooperation only with previously verified partners.

Mass events

Organization of cultural mass events, charity fairs, festivals, exhibitions, Olympic games and sports competitions occupy a special place in the portfolio of Amapola Exclusive Events company. Such events provide an opportunity to unite people of different nations and acquaint them with the rich cultural heritage of our country.

Marketing- Events

To promote your brand, we offer to develop a marketing strategy using Event actions (event marketing), building the entire process — from setting goals and tasks to choosing the event content and ways to cover it.

With us, your brand will become more recognizable, and sales higher!

Corporate parties

Organization of corporate events, special dates and anniversaries of companies, celebration of thematic holidays by the staff – is a good reason to celebrate achievements, unify and motivate the team and sensitize everyone to future success.

Amapola Exclusive Events will take over the organization of your corporate evening, having extensive experience in conducting such events. And most importantly, your event in the future will work to promote your company, as we use different mechanisms for this. This is an expense not only for recreation, but also for your marketing!


This evening is the most important one in the life of every schoolchild! There are no small things in this holiday! It should be both touching and driving at the same time, and most importantly be remembered for a lifetime.

The Amapola Exclusive Events team will take over the organization of the evening and make it unforgettable!

Team building

Organizing a corporate vacation with a trip to nature – is a great way to relax in an informal atmosphere, increase work efficiency and unite the team spirit. Amapola Exclusive Events company will help you in organizing offsite corporate events, having perfectly chosen the place, program and treats!


Public presentation of achievements in the areas of public life – we often see at exhibitions, many of which are held “for the tick”, without leaving anything behind. Amapola Exclusive Events will help you avoid “ticks” and turn the exhibition into a large-scale event that will be positively talked about for a long time.

Birthday parties

We all know that a birthday is more important than all other holidays and memorable dates, because childhood memories are the sweetest and best in the life of each of us. Amapola Exclusive Events has no limit to creativity! Tell the fairy tale “yes” with us!

For adult birthday persons, the highly professional team of Amapola Exclusive Events turns sometimes even the most unexpected desire into reality, taking into account all the subtleties of his/her character, his/her passions and preferences.

We will prove to You that age is just numbers, and with every passing year, we do not age, but grow up, becoming wiser – so let’s do it together beautifully, amicably, stylishly and joyfully!

Wedding celebrations

Pre-wedding and wedding celebrations – are magical events, after which lovers enter into a new, bright and happy life.

Amapola Exclusive Events company will make these events delightful, unforgettable and colorful, preserving the tenderness and mystery of marriage, but at the same time creating an incredible holiday of souls and hearts of not only newlyweds, sometimes observing those traditions that have long lost their reality!

HORECA designs

Thematic design of HORECA objects is an important link in their work, because stylish holiday decorations create a mood and a sense of celebration that helps to attract guests.

Amapola Exclusive Events company will transform your object, making it bright and memorable, and sometimes not predictable and “breaking” the established stereotypes!

Shop-window designs

A shop starts with a shop-window, which is designed to turn simple passers-by into shop visitors, and better yet, into customers.

The main thing in the art of shop-window design – is taste. The second place is taken by professionalism, and courage and the presence of an idea is a must. All these components together provide the basis for good, selling shop-windows. All these components – are distinctive features of the work of Amapola Exclusive Events company, used in the design, decoration and forming of shop-windows.

Organized holidays

Amapola Exclusive Events offers companies and individuals an individual service on preparation of a program to organize the visit of your visiting guest or group of guests. The program will include the following range of services: booking a hotel room; booking a restaurant, both in Baku and in the suburbs (including a menu and a laid table for the arrival of the guest); booking not only tickets to the theater, concert, exhibition, film premiere, as well as a selection of cultural program to suit the tastes of guests; organizing a tour of the city and any region of Azerbaijan. But the most important thing is that you create your deposit and travel according to the program without worrying about having money in your pocket at the moment. You know, before you arrive in the country, every detail of where, when, what, and most importantly how Much!

Greeting cards and invitation cards

Greeting and invitation cards can be called small masterpieces of printing and design art.

Forget about banal and boring invitation and greeting cards, because Amapola Exclusive Events will create an original idea for you that will intrigue your recipient long before the event itself, hint at its theme and concept, and most importantly, convince him/her to carefully prepare for the event, already charging him with a positive mood!


Amapola Exclusive Events creates handmade gifts that differ with their uniqueness, have a vibrant personality and creativity, are designed for a specific connoisseur of beauty and ideas, and help people look differently at the already familiar world.

The warmth of human hands gives you a special energy, about such crafts you can say: “made with love”.

Interior design

The Interior design service includes creating an individual interior that most fully reflects all Your ideas about comfort and beauty.

Amapola Exclusive Events offers a full range of services in the field of private and public interior design. The services include: development of sketches, interior design-project, selection of materials, design of decorative elements of the interior, development of the facade, landscape design-project, decoration of public and commercial premises, as well as support in the realization of construction at all stages to the immediate delivery on a “turnkey” basis.

Marketing Reasearch

Marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services. The goal is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impacts customer behavior.

This involves specifying the information required to address these issues, then designing the method for collecting information, managing and implementing the data collection process. After analyzing the data collected, these results and findings, including their implications, are forwarded to those empowered to act on them.