About Us

Amapola Exclusive Events Company was founded in August 2013. It is a professional organizer of all types of corporate and private events, as well as public events at the municipal and state level. The company implemented a large number of interesting and diverse projects.

Our conceptual approach is based on the principle that every client’s event is an important event, which should be unique and unforgettable. For this to happen, we plan, organize, and control the activities carried out at all stages.


Our mission is to give our clients a sense of uniqueness and individuality, to awaken their sleeping emotions and feelings.

What does it mean? It means that we do not create something new, but on the contrary, we help clients not to lose those feelings, the taste for their uniqueness, and in some cases even, reviving them, showing our clients the way to see really important things and details that people need for overwhelming happiness.


Quality – high quality of work is the greatest asset of our Company;

Creativity – we think globally and go beyond the bounds of possibility;

Transparency – we communicate openly and consciously;

Passion – we love what we do, constantly moving forward, improving and supporting any innovation;

Team spirit – we are a united team of responsible, honest, frank, and brave people supporting and respecting each other. Together we are the power!

Our principles:

  • Customer

We take into account our clients’ wishes and interests in services offered, as well as the preferences of all age groups.

Timeliness, quality, innovation, and the most important one – mood are an integral part of our business philosophy.

Production efficiency is supported by ongoing analysis of consumer interests and the brand versatility with divisions working in mutual interests.

  • Employees’ growth and leadership

Our employees have the long-term motivation, bear liability for the knowledge and experience preserved systematically, and keep growing in the internal development system.

Teamwork and effective communication are our standards. The safe working places of our office are provided with regular monitoring.

  • Technical and technological solutions

Our products are based on state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies. Thanks to them, we provide custom development and production, based on the constant formation of precedents.

We keep discrepancies to a minimum by improving the quality of development and production, organizing product diagnostics and testing, as well as controlling the operating environment.

The uniqueness and individuality of the services we offer is our key advantage over our competitors.

  • Suppliers and partners

The relationship between suppliers and partners is the most important part of our policy based on the partnership principle.

Our suppliers are chosen carefully in accordance with established criteria focused on quality, environmental, and occupational safety.

We would rather have long-term reliable cooperation, than one-time profit, and we are open to new things.

  • System-based and precession approach

All processes in our Company are managed by the system.

Through project and knowledge management, as well as the internal customer concept, we improve not only the flow of materials and information but also the activities of all other areas.

The feedback-based approach is a must for us. With this strategy, we implement a continuous improvement process and maximize the moving away from the old principles.

  • Stability and responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility for the project, as part of the liability sharing by areas, and we know that only teaming up can make a long-term contribution to the environment.

We are committed to meeting the requirements of current environmental regulations and enhancing product quality by improving trends. Therefore, we check all the sources and raw materials, their regulation system, as well as employee training and education on an ongoing basis.

We successfully implement the most unusual ideas!

You want to make your event an unforgettable experience for you and your guests? We and you hold the keys to the kingdom!


Project management

  • Timetable preparation and continuous updating and monitoring
  • Supplier management
  • Coordination for design and production of meeting materials
  • Staffing scheduling (pre, post and on-site)
  • Production and audiovisual equipment
  • Conducting post-event evaluations
  • Conducting internal and external debriefings
  • Managing the payment of all invoices
  • Reviewing and controlling the event final budget
  • Creating a debriefing overall report consisting of reliable statistics


Venue and On Site Management

  • Advise on venue requirements and create a concept ensuring optimal use of space
  • Negotiate and conclude venue contract
  • Coordinate site inspections for the organiser and/or industry partners
  • Soliciate quotations from third party suppliers; order and organise technical equipment, catering, interpreting services, signage and other relevant services on site
  • Event security plan and management
  • Recruit, coordinate and manage congress staff


Exhibition Management

  • Study & detailed planning of exhibition area
  • Floor Plan design and exhibition booth construction
  • Managing the contract procedure
  • Delivering and handling the financial aspects
  • Designing & producing exhibitors information
  • Dedicated stand for Onsite Exhibition Management


Registration of participants

  • Set up an online registration platform
  • Provide registration options online; send out confirmations for services booked
  • Visa Handling: send invitation letters in coordination with the organizer
  • Compile congress materials for delegates
  • Set up and staff a registration counter on site for handling new registrations and handing out of congress materials


Hotel accommodation and travel services

  • Set up an online hotel booking system
  • Coordination of hotel contracts negotiation and fulfilment
  • Organising pre-post tours
  • Organising accompanying person program
  • Management of rooming lists
  • Onsite management and support
  • Provision of ground transportation services


Marketing & Communication

  • Design of a fully integrated promotion and communication plan
  • Identifying the most appropriate tools and channels
  • Development of event branding
  • Coordination of press releases, advertisements, inserts
  • Coordinate and manage the distribution of direct mail materials
  • Production and printing of promotional materials
  • Organising Press Conferences
  • Onsite management of press