Catering – features and benefits

Nowadays, catering is a dynamically developing branch of the market. With each passing day, more and more companies and organizations make a decision to use catering services. In fact, this service assumes departure service – whether it is organizing and holding a holiday outside the company’s walls or preparing for other activities that take place in nature, the countryside. To make everybody comfortable, it is worthwhile to attract event-agency, which in turn will establish partnership relations with the restaurant and cafe, responsible for the preparation and delivery of food.


Amapola Exclusive Events specialists point out the main stages of catering:

  • Initially, it is necessary to clarify the maximum information on how customers see the event, date, time, venue, the number of guests invited, the way of decorating and serving tables, and the budget allocated for the celebration.
  • Having received all the necessary information, draw up a preliminary plan for the event, prepare data on available halls for rent, discuss the interior and design of each room, furniture, cutlery, dishes and serving items, the number of attendants and their appearance, consider the table layout.
  • During the event, it is necessary to stick to all the points mentioned earlier, not to violate the plan and act clearly according to the instructions of the clients.

Also we would like to note the benefits of catering:

  • Organization of the event in any place convenient for the client. Conference halls, offices, halls of business centers, concert halls, roofs, terraces, beaches and coasts, picnics in nature, catering companies work anywhere.
  • Individual menu according to preferences, wishes and topics
  • Decoration of tables, dishes, laying
  • No need to clean after the event, the catering company will also take care of this.

And at last, employees of Amapola Exclusive Events advise always to work with already proven catering companies that have proven themselves to be responsible and executive, on which one can rely and, if possible, not experiment with new ones. If you have to work with a new company, you must first check their food and service quality, and do not believe in the myth of food tasting, try food cooked for a large number of people, get feedback from companies that have already cooperated with them and after this draw conclusions.

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