Types of wedding dresses

The wedding is an amazing event in the life of every girl. We want everything to go perfectly, and the bride shone with joy and radiated beauty and happiness. To create a truly unique image, you need to choose the right wedding attire, corresponding to the features of the figure, the nature of the bride, the overall style and theme of the wedding.


“Princess” style dress or A-shaped silhouette


Such outfits resemble the capital letter “A”. The waistline of the dress is slightly overstated and emphasizes the slenderness of the silhouette, the skirt widening downwards, if necessary, conceals the flaws of the figure. In general, this outfit gives the impression of classic sophistication and lightness. These dresses can be safely called universal, as they look great on any figure.


Ballroom style wedding dress  (“Fairy Tale” or “Ball”)


In these outfits you will look like a princess from a fairy tale: a tight bodice with embroidery, rhinestones, lace and other decor will emphasize the grace of your figure, and all possible shortcomings will successfully hide the magnificent multilayered skirt. To give the dress even more splendor and solemnity, it is often supplemented with a luxurious train.

This is a very good choice for those who prefer more classic models. The only “but”: if you are short, this style may not be the most suitable for you, since it is able to give an unimaginable silhouette an unnecessary volume.


Style “Empire” or Greek dresses



This style of wedding dresses is different by an overstated waistline, starting immediately under the breast, and flowing straight skirt. The bodice of the dress emphasizes the bust, while hiding the outlines of the waist and hips. Silhouettes of these outfits differ free-cut and that’s why perfect for brides of low height, plump girls or pregnant brides.

Despite all the apparent simplicity, such wedding dresses have their own highlight, which often consists of beautiful fabric or original decor – embroidery, rhinestones and so on.


Straight wedding dress (“Sheath”, “Column”)


These dresses tightly fit the figure, so it is perfectly emphasized by a graceful and proportionate silhouette. Such dresses are most suitable for slender brides in spite of growth. If you are not sure of the perfection of your figure, then you should pay attention to the outfits of other styles. In addition, such a dress somewhat hinders the movement, so it is better to refuse it if you plan to dance a lot on your holiday.

The cut of such models is quite laconic, so the main decoration for them are plumes, capes and a variety of decor.



“Mermaid” style


These type of dresses have a tight-fitting figure silhouette with a loose skirt beginning at the height of the knee or lower. These dresses are suitable for tall and slender girls who want to emphasize their graceful figure.

So, these are the main styles of wedding dresses, but of course, not all the options that shops can offer to brides. In addition, you can see the original short dresses, trouser suits and even wedding jumpsuits.


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