Why we?
Time spent 5-6 days

Finding suitable venues, ringing them, asking for menu, prices, available dates, venue visiting and meeting the management, food tasting.

Time spent 2-3 hours

Visiting Amapola’s office you will get the information sought from our experts in a quiet atmosphere.

Time spent 10 -15 days

Looking for all contractors for an event on your own, getting recommendations on contractors, contacting every contractor (number of contractors may reach 15), studying contractor’s presentations on their expertise and track record.

Organizational part
Time spent 2 -3 days

We offer to a customer a choice of several concepts on how to organize the event, upon choosing by a customer of a specific concept select needed contractors and project staff. We offer you a big selection of presenters, musicians and animators.You just have to choose!

Troublesome, expensive

Private contractors will usually avoid signing contracts with you. They may let you down or not to deliver what was promised, be late or change their mind. They may artificially inflate price and usually prefer to be paid in cash which in turn creates problems for your accounting.

Price and warranty
Trouble free, secured

We have a transparent pricing and accounting systems and will be working with you on the basis of a contract only. We honor our contractual obligations. You do not need to pay cash to us. Payment for any contract with us is by bank transfer.

Time spent 3-5days

Double checking whether everything is valid with all the contractors prior to the event. If anything goes wrong, then a replacement should be found expeditiously.

At the event
Time spent 5 hours

We undertake all the organizational work, sometimes you do not even know how many staff is working on your event. It is a matter of hours not days for us to fix any problem with undisciplined contractors.

Troublesome, stressing

Addressing contractors coordination issues (someone is late, someone lets you down) and smooth running of the event.

Trouble free, no stress

We fully coordinate the whole event from the beginning till the end and guarantee smooth running of the event. You can be sure: the event will be great!

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