Farid Asgarov

Farid Askerov is well known and loved in Azerbaijan. In the center of jazz in Baku, he was one of the most talented and popular performers. He was invited to work as a vocalist by many prestigious restaurants and clubs. In 2011, the already famous singer and jazzman moved to Moscow. In the capital, his singing career continued to develop on the stage of Shore House and Zafferano restaurants.
In September of the same 2013 in Moscow, Channel Two began the second season of “Voices” – a vocal television project. A jazz artist from Azerbaijan also went into the project and became one of the participants in the show. Participation in the television show “Voice” made it possible for an extraordinary performer to express himself to the thousands of viewers, to show his original and original manner of performance not only to his compatriots, but also to enter the international stage. Farid Askerov went to a vocal talent contest in order to show himself to the world and find even more of his fans. And he succeeded. Interestingly, the singer never had a personal vocal teacher. The artist learned everything that he knows how to do. And I must say, I learned perfectly.