Lyubov Guturova

Lyubov Gutorova – Poiraz is one of the most successful and top models of Azerbaijan.
After the podium, she took up the modeling business and continued to contribute to this industry. Creator of the BakuFashionClub club.
BakuFashionClub was created to unite professionals and fashion lovers of Azerbaijan. The club is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides an opportunity for everyone who is interested and not indifferent to fashion to discuss current topics and exchange views. Meetings and discussions at the club are held in talk show format with the participation of specially invited speakers, experts, journalists, students of the clothing design department, as well as just amateurs.
The goal of the club is to educate people in the subtleties of the fashion industry. Also, this is a unique opportunity to directly get acquainted with those whose name already has “value and weight”, and therefore can give advice and recommendations due to the experience gained over the years of its formation.