Murad Dadashov

Murad Dadashov is an Azerbaijani actor, showman, producer and TV presenter, a former member of the KVN team “Boys from Baku”, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan (2014), People’s Artist of Azerbaijan (2018).

Murad Dadashov was born on December 21, 1978, in the city of Baku. In 1995 he graduated from high school number 16 of his native city. After leaving school, Dadashov entered the faculty of social sciences and psychology at Baku State University. In 2000 received a diploma in psychology.

As a member of the KVN team “Boys from Baku”, Murad Dadashov became the winner of the KVN Higher League in 1992, the holder of the Cup of the Ten Tournament, as well as the Summer KVN Cup. After leaving KVN, Dadashov first began working on AzTV, in one creative association. Then he began to work on the Space channel, where he broadcast a program about cars, and then – on ANS, where he was invited to conduct a morning program. After leaving ANS, Dadashev became involved in the youth KVN team.

At various times, Dadashov was the leading and author of the ideas of such show programs as “Mərc-şou”, “In One Southern City”, the project “Machine” (Maşın) and the reality show “Möhtəşəm maşın”.

Murad Dadashov also starred in such feature films as The National Bomb (2004), The Hard Way (2006), Once Upon a Time in the Caucasus (2007), Halal Money (2008), Do Not Be Afraid, I’m With You! 1919 ”

In 2014, by order of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Murad Dadashov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Azerbaijan for his services in the development of Azerbaijani culture, and in 2018 – the title of People’s Artist of Azerbaijan.