Sugra Bagirzade

Last Friday, February 9, the well-known actress, honored artist of Azerbaijan, as well as the talented floral artist Sugra Bagirzade, became the guest of our office. By the way, Sugra Khanum is the only member of the World Council of Florists from Azerbaijan, which includes 27 countries of the world.

Many know this beautiful woman as an actress, but in addition to filming in films, Sugra Bagirzade incredibly succeeded in floristry.

She graduated from the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, and she was able to successfully apply the baggage of knowledge that she gained in her student years already in her favorite business. Sugra Bagirzade creates stunning paintings using plants. Each of her works is a story with an unusual title. The artist herself says that many of her works are prototypes of women, the same bright, unusual, unique in their own way.

Sugra Khanum is currently writing a book on floristry in the Azerbaijani language to help novice specialists to truly master this art. Even now, she does not stop studying and regularly attends conferences, courses and seminars on floristry.

“I really want the pleiad of florists to develop in Azerbaijan. You see, this is a wonderful profession. How can a person not enjoy a job where every day begins and ends with flowers? ”, Sugra khanum asks with a smile.

And it is impossible not to agree with her. A florist is not just a person picking flowers into bouquets. Florist is an artist who creates works of art with the help of flowers, putting their soul and heart into them.