Timur Rodriguez

Timur Mikailovich Kerimov (better known as Timur Rodriguez – Russian showman, singer, television and radio host, actor.

Member of television projects KVN, “Comedy Club”, “One to One!”, “Ice Age” and others.

He began his television career by participating in the contest “Become VJ MTV” of the MTV Russia television channel, in which he won. After that, he became the channel’s host, as well as the DJ of the Hit FM radio station and her official voice. He gained wide fame by participating in the Comedy Club show (2005-2008). In 2009 he released the first song “Listen to your body”, and then he recorded the song “Hobby” together with Ani Lorak, released a video clip in the fall. Along with music, he continued on TV, appearing as the host of the programs “Dancing Without Rules” and “Besenl Geographic »TNT channel. In 2010, he released the single “About You”, which received the Golden Gramophone award from “Russian Radio Ukraine.” In 2011, a video was released for the song “Out in Space”. Then came the songs “It won’t be better”, “Welcome to the night”, “I believe in your Love” and “Heroes”, which were included in the debut album “About You”, the presentation of which was marked by a recital in the “Izvestia Hall.” at the end of the show “One to One!” became the host of the entertainment project “Catch By Midnight” on Channel One together with Alexei Chumakov. In 2015, the mini-album “New World” was released, Rodriguez wrote all the material for himself.

Rodriguez became the first pop artist to receive the right to conduct a solo concert in the historical walls of the Maria Ermolova Theater.