“Şərqin Qapısı”

Our company, Amapola Exclusive Events, has launched a large and long-term project called “Board Games through the eyes of Azerbaijan”. As part of this project, board games will be created from the prism of the culture, ancient history and traditions of our country.
The first fruit of this project was the game “ Şərqin Qapısı”. The design and elements of the game were completely created by hand by our craftsmen and are produced in limited quantities.
The main goal of the project is to promote and inform our historical culture and history, bringing knowledge and interest, both in already forgotten traditions, and in the game itself .
You can feel free to contact us for the purchase, in order to combine a pleasant time with friends with new knowledge in the culture and history of our country!
The key point is the fact that all the games are created in our native language!
Have a nice game!