Opening ceremony of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway

On October 30 at the Baku International Trade Port was held a solemn opening ceremony of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway. Organizational support of the event was provided by the Amapola Exclusive Events. This project can rightly be considered as the largest and most responsible in our practice. More than 300 units of labor, tons of construction and finishing materials, 216 hours of continuous work and there is a day that went down in history of our country and the whole region!

Considering the scale of the event and the very short preparation time, more than 300 workers with tons of construction and finishing materials were involved for 216 hours of continuous work, and behold the day becoming known in history of both our country and the region in general!Complete mobilization of resources; a clear and constant assembling plan (quite literally), scale-based analysis of structures and accompanying blocks; well-timed cooperation with all associated state bodies; providing them with fully-featured installation plans for prompt verification and elimination of disadvantages based on the protocol.All the structures and decorations offered were designed with wind and power loading, even if for no apparent reason. This detail, which we adhere to each and every time, eliminates all the risks and lives up to its billing!

Provided services:

  • ∙ Concept and Idea generation
  • ∙ Layout of seating tables and chairs
  • ∙ Providing of couverts, flags, and other state attributes
  • ∙ Design of the promo gifts and materials
  • ∙ Providing all printing materials
  • ∙ Based on the concept of the event, the provision of more suitable furniture
  • ∙ Guest registration, list tracking
  • ∙ Photo and video reports providing
  • Organization and control of all technical support for all days of the event, the anticipation of unforeseen circumstances. Work strictly according to all safety regulations.