Opening Ceremony of the 74th International Astronautics Congress

The International Astronautical Congress is a prestigious world-class event, the participants of which were representatives of major space agencies and private companies from the space sector. Our team organized the opening ceremony, welcome dinner and closing gala dinner, showcasing the cultural values of Azerbaijan to the guests.

The process of the 74th International Astronautics Congress organizing involves detailing of each stage of preparation, including a large-scale opening ceremony, digital visualization via special monitors simulating spaceship windows, floral decoration and art installations, as well as the creation of cozy Welcome zones and decorated corners containing traditional elements of different countries.

The program, based on a respectful attitude towards the history of the past and our desire for the development of technology in the future, was presented through the prism of the philosophy of the brilliant poet Nizami and the Maragheh Observatory, founded by Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, and the amazing discoveries of humanity – understanding the presence of space, fascinating with its mysterious beauty. Another key idea was to depict the impact of natural elements on man, symbolized in the “Vitruvian Man”, the image of which is intertwined with symbols of the 4 elements and ornaments reminiscent of cave paintings of an ancient civilization. Every detail of the event, including the dance program, music and visual effects, reflected the traditional symbols of Azerbaijan, proudly presented to the guests of this grand event.

It is worth noting that according to Talkwaker, the event became a top event on social media platforms with the hashtag #IAC2023, and also took first place in the list of “top events”.