The VII Summit of the Turkic-speaking States

The attention of the entire Turkic world was riveted to Baku on October 15th. The VII Summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking States was held here. The organization of this event was handled by our friendly team, making its contribution to such a large-scale project.

Venue: Congress Center

Date: October 14-15, 2019

Number of participants: 200

Provided services:

  • ∙ Selection and rental of venues
  • ∙ Layout of seating tables and chairs
  • ∙ Providing of couverts, flags, and other state attributes
  • ∙ Design of the promo gifts and materials
  • ∙ Providing all printing materials
  • ∙ Based on the concept of the event, the provision of more suitable furniture
  • ∙ Floristic design, working with a huge flower composition.
  • ∙ Guest registration, list tracking
  • ∙ Photo and video reports providing
  • ∙ Gala Dinner organization: selection of the venue, meeting and seating of guests, compiling a detailed entertainment program
  • Organization and control of all technical support for all days of the event, the anticipation of unforeseen circumstances. Work strictly according to all safety regulations.