Tips from Amapola: how to have an unique wedding

If you are tired of faceless offers like “Dandies”, “Mafia”, “Retro” and “Alice in Wonderland”, the wedding experts of Amapola Exclusive Events recommend that the newlyweds do not chase after the latest trends and template variants, but better understand themselves and determine their own wedding style.

It is not necessary to adjust to someone and blindly believe that a wedding must certainly be of a certain type. The holiday style will be just like you want.

The wedding is an unique event that reflects the couple’s personality, their interests, life experience, priorities, “chemistry” in relationships, the characters of men and women and their dreams of the future. Modern couples try to personalize an important event, deviating from the patterns, from what is accepted or fashionable. As a result, the celebration leaves everyone with an unforgettable experience.

The style of the wedding is the first thing the newlyweds must decide on, because it dictates all other aspects of the celebration. Only after that, it is worthwhile to engage in all the components. But how to decide? Ask yourself: what kind of feeling do you want to convey to the guests, in what atmosphere do you want to immerse them? Answer yourself also: Where did you meet? What’s your hobby? Do you have general interests? Where was your first date? How do you prefer to spend your vacation? Weekend? What is your favorite season? Food? What colors predominate in the decor of your house? What can not you live without (books, coffee, fashionable shoes)? Where and how did he make you a propose? How do you call each other? Look around, what you see – at home, at work, in the car. Usually we surround ourselves with what we like …

As a result, there will be an idea of your unique pair – with your values and interests. If you wear heels every day and regularly update your wardrobe in the latest fashion, maybe your style is “Chic”? Or maybe you always spend time outdoors, rollerblading and biking, exploring the paths in the mountains and jungle? Then it makes sense to celebrate a wedding in a luxurious forest house or among nature in the riot of greenery?

Thematic weddings are a celebration based on a certain theme (“Gangster”, “Casino”, “Star Wars” …) – lose popularity, because they do not reflect the individuality of the newlyweds. The exception is the thematic weddings of the seasons (“New Year”, “Golden Autumn”, “Gentle Spring” and “Summer Rampage of Colors”) and the venue (castle, seashore, vineyards).

Stylized weddings unlike thematic ceremonies give the couple a lot of opportunities for self-expression. Everything that happens in your life can be an inspiration for your celebration. And it does not have to be connected with the wedding. Everything that inspires you, causes positive emotions, can become an idea of ​​your style. The color of your favorite poncho or Persian carpet can become the main tone of the decor of the celebration, a drawing with a declaration of love from your future spouse – an invitation to a wedding. Inspiration is not necessarily born by the advice of experts in the wedding industry, it can come from your daily life. Leave the script and template parties for birthdays and anniversaries. Your relationship is not like anyone else’s, so why does your wedding day have to follow the existing scenarios?


Our advice to couples: do not follow the template scenarios, even if it seems that this will facilitate the planning process. Organizing a beautiful wedding is not easy, but once you understand which style you are leaning towards, you will have an inspiration for wonderful ideas. Set a goal: bring the style of your wedding in everything from invitations to wedding cake (personal preferences can be reflected in decor, colors, treats, special drinks, gifts for guests, music and other entertainments). And then after the event you will have a feeling that the wedding was yours, and not a stranger in the template scenario.