8 March

It’s no secret that history is full of the names of women who changed our world forever. Their brilliant inventions, their achievements in arts, science and technological discoveries have become an integral part of life, fascinating by example and inspiring humankind to create new great inventions. Speaking between ourselves, their ideas were even able to transform the education system and bring forward equal rights in society, making it possible for women to have a full opportunity to pursue their interests and hold a steady position in the modern world, which, by the way, assigns them the tricky task of skillfully balancing personal development and motherhood, and sometimes career as well.

We all remember the name of the remarkable woman, Clara Zetkin. A reformer and a women’s rights advocate, she was the first to propose that the International Women’s Day be organized as a way to involve the public in the issue of their rights. Today, this date not only embodies the ideology of the unification of the women of the world—it is also a wonderful occasion to emphasize the strength of their nature, which lies in astonishing beauty and the ability to create and perfect oneself.

True, a man naturally likes taking care of a woman, protecting her interests and surprising her, but, for some reason, he more often than not picks ONLY two or three days in a WHOLE year to do it.  However, a balanced tandem of man and woman requires continuous involvement of representatives of the stronger half of humankind in the life of its gentler half for them to be a pillar of strength on the path towards shared goals and a perfect reason to smile. You must admit that joined efforts aimed at productive results of a common cause create a better world that has no room for controversy.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: a woman always remembers the flowers you never gave her!

So express your love! Lavish her with attention! Thank her for being there and don’t wait for a calendar occasion!

By the way, you have at least 364 days for that!