Redesign – sharp intake of breath!

The only constant part of our world is the change.

Our country has recently taken a deep breath and started to live in a new, colorful, holistic, exciting, and incredibly promising way!

Just imagine we are treated to so many sweeping views! So many opportunities and so many picturesque sites!

But everyone needs changes. And not only people!

Inspired by this amazing outbreak of updates and emotions, our Company redesigned the well-known Amapola Exclusive Events website.

You may ask – “what was the point of it?”

We did a redesign a year earlier, so completely new website wasn’t our goal.
But we live in a world of rapidly developing technologies. The devices we use to view websites are changing, browser features are improving, and web design trends are changing.
All things change! Every minute! Even now! ;)

Reading the cheerful release “We conducted the redesign!”, you might think that it is easy. But that’s not true!

We did more than just “minor maintenance”. After a fairly serious brainstorming session and a dozen concepts, we got something subtly impressive.

Our team decided to put an end to the confusion once and forever, and refresh the interface’s identity. That’s why we went much deeper, implementing new features, updating the visage of pages, working with flash animation, adding new content, creating additional categories, improving navigation and increasing the interactivity level, optimizing the html code and creating an updated interface for your convenience!

Our redesign path started long before the very idea when we finally changed the direction of your perception.

We are no longer just an event planning company. Now we are ready to prove it with a focus on the development of digital technologies and products!

Our new style fully reflects this trend. We are moving forward!

After all, what was fresh a couple of years ago, seems to be a dull routine today.

We stay relevant and maintain our segment in decent condition consistently. By improving the quality of service, collaborating with innovations, focusing on the new digital products, and trying out new technologies, we are moving forward and share it all with you!

Our website redesign coincided with an great date in the calendar of Azerbaijan and this is another reason to talk about the new!

We prepared quite carefully. This was quite a large amount of work, and it affected everyone in the company.  The result is your comfort!

We have changed! And our users have probably already noticed that the safe and easy transition to the new one came easily to us!

Change with us!

With love, your Amapola!