Instagram Rebranding

We prove that Instagram was created not only for posting selfies and online stores.

If you still think that on Instagram you can see only selfies of beautiful women and photo reports of beautiful events, then our article is for you!

The social aspect of the platform is undoubtedly simple and clear to all. However, few people knew that by joining the Amapola Exclusive Events account, you could discover the cognitive world, with the help of which you can really learn many new and useful things.

We ourselves are the creators of our feed.

Every morning, when you start Instagram, you by far most often go to the Feed section. A useful feature. Saves time, introduces the latest news and shows the activity of your interests. Of course, if you constantly see the same picture with standard changing faces, then the productivity of your account decreases by a significant percentage of its capabilities.

Only for this reason (as in the case of the redesign of our site Amapola Exclusive Events), we decided to help you diversify your interests and maximize the ability to “squeeze” all the “delicious juices” out of the platform.

We also scroll through the Instagram feed countless times a day. If to subscribe to pages with the right content, each visit to the network can be a good impetus for you for something new and unknown, or it can even push you to awaken sleeping interests within you. Watching feeds should definitely inspire, encourage and educate! And Amapola Exclusive Events is a great example of the above. This is just a treasure trove of valuable information!

Our Instagram has changed its direction and now is not only a news page in the segment of organizing events, but also a cultural and historical platform for development in all directions. We dilute the stream of selfies with stories and vivid facts about life on Earth, pumping your erudition.

Now you can touch what is called a story not only on Instagram. See a photo of your hometown taken from the ISS, read about the amazing facts of our beautiful planet, be surprised at the incredible numbers; find out how many countries “fit” in the territory of Kalbajar and even how much REAL coffee costs.

Every day we publish various reviews on our account, telling extremely fascinating truths – from the most expensive flower in the world, such as Shenzhen Nongke, the cost of which fluctuates at auctions around $ 200,000, to the historically most expensive event in the world (EGYPT 278 AD) – 2239 talents, which in terms of today is equal to 35 million dollars. USA.

When, for example, the first event companies appeared and where the most amazing places are. And sometimes even facts about famous cats ;)

All interesting posts are accompanied by entertaining animation, which will not load visual perception, but only at a subtle level will emphasize the accent of information in your memory. Perhaps, having looked through our new blog, you may even decide on an exciting journey and it is possible that you will see with your own eyes what we publish.

You will not find long texts on our account, but by subscribing to it, you will be surprised and inspired to new discoveries every day!

We know that on Instagram you can not only be smitten with, but also learn! Therefore, you are unlikely to write “un likely” ;)

Not sure what to read?  Amapola Exclusive Events will come to your help!

Our format is simple and convenient: no evaluative opinions – just facts!

New life. New format. New knowledge. Is it interesting? Then you shall visit – here!

Oh yes! And be sure to pay attention to the posts about SENSUM. It will be very useful in the future;)