Women’s stories of Amapola Exclusive Events

Women of Amapola Exclusive Events told about career, future plans:

Dinara Gezalova, Director of the Event Management Department:

– My work is a big load, a huge responsibility. We plan several events for more than one month, spending more than one day off at the workplace, crunching on the shelves with crumbs, missing Sunday bike rides with children, family dinners, breakfasts, etc. This is the situation when all your friends have a rest on holidays, but you together with the financial department plan the budget of the event. When all your friends meet on Friday, and you, along with the art-manager, create a guestlist for tomorrow’s event.

Well, the most interesting happens on December 31! When you actually want to relax on the couch, we with the team charge the batteries on the Santa Claus costume. However, fatigue and minor failures converge to zero when you receive a flurry of enthusiasm, words of gratitude and praise for each teamwork item. With a high evaluation of the results of work, you understand that your work was not in vain, and this is the incentive for the next project.

Alla Mitlinova, art director:

– The idea was created, the concept was born, it was time to calculate everything, to think about safety, while everything was beautiful and sustained in the conceived style. And sometimes the boss will come up with some huge ideas, which will require a space projection and grandiose enthusiasm.

A daughter is waiting at home with her geometry and theorems. And after all the calculations at work, children’s geometry seems unrealistically complicated, just no strength. But a new day, new ideas give crazy energy, and customer feedback is prompted to new ART-feats.


Gunel Amiraslanov, HR Manager:

– I am an employee whose field of activity is human resources. I choose people in the team not only suitable for professional criteria, but also similar in team with their character, spirituality and creativity. We accept in our family first of all a friend, a colleague, whom you can always rely on. The main victory for me is creation of a cozy, family atmosphere within the collective, where everyone has different characters, temperaments, desires, demands, whims. Understand, accept and correctly direct them to carry out a common cause. As an HR manager, I try to adjust the correct working schedule, adjust workers to a positive wave, become their friend, companion at a difficult time, because employees are the most valuable resource without which no company can move forward.


Heirana Ismayilova, office manager:

– Office manager in the event-company, this is not the same as an office manager, for example, in a bank. Because the employees of the event-company are always in a hurry, they have a lot of requests at the same time for the same dates, and sometimes they do not have enough hands to search for the intended one. Knowing my responsible character, and that I will definitely return to them with the result, they completely trust me. Well, in general, what is a office without an office manager?


Natavan Sadikhova, brand manager:

– They say that while the woman works, she blooms and smells like a flower. And when the work is not only compulsory, but also beloved, then the woman, despite her marital status and affairs “outside” the work, will put herself all together, so that along with her, her company would bloom and smell.

In our projects there is a contribution of each of us, and it’s priceless – to work and make friends with such talented guys. My job is to develop and promote our brand. I love to improve my knowledge and professional skills, because it develops not only me, but our company.

Leila Abdullayeva, Administrative Manager:

– I can firmly state that the stereotype that a career and a family are incompatible is a myth.

At work, I’m an administrative manager, regulating complex logistics routes, managing the installation work on installation of scenery, such a strict controller. In the team I can be the instigator of rebellious ideas and the soul of the company. And at home I am a wife, a mother raising three wonderful boys. And you know, it’s a great happiness, when woman feels comfort and relevance at work and home.


Aysel Iskenderli, entertainment manager:

– Before I started working in Amapola Exclusive Evens, I was engaged in organizing events. But now, being a part of the team, I understand the grandeur of this work, when every order is another child to whom we give life. And I am delighted with the fact that I finally got into a team of people close to me in spirit!

Coming to the next project, I, as an entertainment manager, want to do not only a fun show. First of all, there is a desire to move away from the templates, to create something original, memorable. And most importantly – with taste and aftertaste.


Sabina Farzalieva, entertainment specialist:

– A person of my profession gives himself completely to work, can not sleep at night when a new idea is needed, or the night before the event. Sometimes I stay from 2 am till 6 am on the court, conducting soundcheck, set the right light and follow rehearsals of actors and musicians. But tomorrow, with pleasure and pride, I will observe that all planned things went great!

I am a team player, and the overall success of the team and our work is important to me. When everyone puts a part of himself into the project and makes efforts, you simply can feel a huge responsibility for everything you do and for their work as well. But the best part is memories. The company has become a family for me, and that the family is getting stronger and more successful every day, we are tirelessly ready to take care of it and protect it.


Narmina Zeynalova, PR-manager:

– I’m in the team recently, but the friendly atmosphere and relaxed behavior of my colleagues helped me quickly get used to it. Every day here as a holiday: celebrated birthdays, completion of projects, recruitment of new employees, in general, any occasion turns into a sit-round with cakes. I’m surprised how our girls manage to stay in shape after daily cake-eating.

My job is to represent the company in the media, social media, maintain the image and disseminate important information, and develop marketing and PR plans. Every day our guys have different ideas, new projects are being launched, often very important, such as “Formula 1”, holding the opening and closing ceremonies of the Chess Olympiad, charitable fair “Soyuq Əllər Isti Ürek”, etc. It is important to inform the public that WE did it, and that each project is unique and unique in its own way.


Maya Askerova, Service Staff:

– I take care of everyone in our office, with everyone I share kindness. In our stressful work, especially when we are in a hurry to finish the project, I calm down, pour the tea and treat them with delicious things, for example, I very much like to bake cakes.

I’m not boasting, but I will say that the office is always perfectly clean, the tea is brewed, everything you need for work is at hand. As the guys from our team say, without me in the office there would be chaos and confusion – it’s such a pleasure to hear that.


Narmin Mirzamammedli, decorator at Amapola Exclusive Design:

– First of all, I will say that it is a great honor for me to work in a company like ours. The decorator is very responsible and hard work. Sometimes you have to work from morning till night, sometimes even for days, decorating restaurants before the events, showcases of boutiques before the holidays. We have to work with complex designs, compositions. It requires attention and clarity. But all these difficulties are forgotten, as soon as I see the result of my work and understand that I managed to realize the ideas and goals that were put at the beginning of the project.


Nigar Amirova, painter-decorator:

– As I am a creative person, I love and I enjoy my work. The fact that the future and success of the company is important to me, and the fact that I love my work, helps me to put my soul into every new idea, in every sketch drawn.

For new ideas there is no limit, every new design or sketch is a separate life. I sincerely believe that each of my drawings is a small step towards the realization of the common idea of our united family.


Lala Muradova, florist:

– I started to get interested with flowers from childhood. This fascination with the years became only stronger and influenced the choice of my education, I am a student of the International School of Floristry, and my current profession.

In the company I had the opportunity to implement any ideas, sometimes combine incompatible. And the main thing here are the same crazy fans of their business, like me. Together we undertake important projects, for example, social or state events. It’s nice to realize that in such projects there is my contribution. And in general it is happiness – to be a part of such amicable and cheerful collective. And most importantly, we are only at the beginning of the road, and this means that the most interesting is yet to come!