Corporate gifts on themed holidays

The best way to be remembered is to stun, and the best way to prolong the effect of unexpectedness is to give an unusual, original souvenir that will be impossible to erase from memory and that will remind of you. Each of them should correspond to the event, and carry in itself the so-called spirit of celebration… 

Amapola Exclusive Events specialists develop exclusive corporate gifts from scratch. Development of the concept may include creating a new year gift basket for a business partner or an original gift for the director’s birthday. We always have creative ideas for presents for absolutely any holiday.

Our company has been successfully creating corporate gifts for many years. We do not borrow others’ ideas, but develop our own ones. To make gifts, we attract not only our designers and artists, but also outside specialists – from cooks and decorators to blacksmiths and potters.

Below we want to acquaint you with the examples of our handicrafts:

For March 8, International Women’s Day, exclusive tea sets were decorated with ceramic flowers. Ceramic spring flower compositions were also created, which will remind the owner of the holiday for a long time. The exclusive floral and spring design of these gifts gives a special mood to the holiday.


For the New Year holiday – original and unique painted Christmas toys were created. The work of local artists on painting on glass.

We also offer you a selection of our New Year corporate gifts.



Wooden painted figures were created for the holiday of Gurban Bayram.
In addition to the generally recognized holidays, we also make gifts dedicated to various government projects.