It’s your anniversary and you are well over 20. Now you need to choose your theme


This word excites everyone approaching a certain good round figure and considering the oncoming event as some kind of boundary in life deserving special attention.

As a rule, anniversaries are celebrated on a large scale, more solemnly and crowded. There are no special rules or restrictions on this issue, but of course, preparation takes a lot of time and effort.

During preparation for event, we often hear the famous phrase from the heros of the day: “Oh, where are my sixteenth?!”. But holding their hand on a special day, we show them that the age of “well over twenty” is a Golden sign of quality, issued by the “Life of Your Personality” Strategic Commission.

Admit it, we do not get such a high award every day! And such an event should definitely be celebrated! Let it be loud, outrageous, and unforgettable!

For sure, you have often wondered how to celebrate your or closed one’s anniversary. But you didn’t know what would make it special.

That is why we have prepared a hint article for you! Perhaps you will find it interesting!

So, let’s start!

The anniversary is best organized as a surprise.
In our view, this will be the easiest (if you, of course, entrust it to professional event company), to most original and luxurious gift!

But the hardest part is to figure out where to start.
Later, of course, the ideas will appear fast and furious, you just need to think carefully what will be the HIGHLIGHT for the anniversary and for your closed one this year.

Hardly you will be able to arrange a modest party. Although the anniversary is more of a theme-based holiday, it can be on a different scale as well.

Someone just needs to have napkins with a pinned rose on their plates. Someone wants to have everything in the chosen theme: choose music, design the hall, come up with a program, create a photo zone, and think over themed souvenirs for all guests.

It is certainly better to start preparation for such a celebration, long before the date.

Why so many difficulties? It bears repeating that it is really not an easy task to hold such celebrations. In other words, this is a pretty significant event for which you need to prepare thoroughly. You need to think over a lot in advance.

The main problem is the large age difference of the invited guests. Parents of the hero of the day, and other relatives of a respectable age, and children, and grandchildren, and, finally, peers…
Of course, any of the guests will be honored by the host. But every generation is used to relax and have fun in its own way. So everyone should get their own portion of entertainment.

In addition to the creative part, the preparation of the anniversary also includes the solution of some practical issues. This is also the choice of the most suitable venue and a professional presenter (not just a person working with the script, but someone who can sensitively control the audience) . After all, it is the presenter who will give the floor to the guests for congratulations and the presentation of gifts.

It is the presenter who will add a couple of words in time and turn a not very successful guest performance (if this happens suddenly) into an original toast, and the resulting pause in an exciting game or a good conversation.

In general, a good presenter is a must.

At this point, concerns about the event do not stop. They only grow into an even more in-depth process. This process includes concerns about video operators or photographers, or both. Of course, it depends on your desire to remember this day in a more extensive and interesting picture that will be evidenced by good professional photos and high-quality video with all the details of the celebration.

This process includes the creation of unique invitations as well, given that the guest list is made by the hero of the day.

If we sum up all the above, we have a number of issues to solve.

Place for the hero of the event
Number of speakers and presenters
The presenter for such an important event
The order of the greetings
Duration of each performance
The background music
Photo and video shooting
The place for gifts and flowers
The invitations
The menu
The table setting
The design and decorations

And a huge number of other small details…

After all, you want to make this holiday really bright, crazy, and completely unique?

Then put aside all your worries and just trust the professional event team. The event team has a huge experience! And your holiday is sure to be more organized, eventful, and fun.

We will dedicate the event to the hobby. We can use the zodiac sign or even get to the beginning: remember the most important toys or the favorite porridge. We will study in depth the favorite areas, hobbies, and interests.

Maybe he/she has long dreamed of creating an oil painting. Or maybe his/her biggest dream is to organize own exhibition. Or maybe he/she dreamed of becoming a pilot or about a vacation on an island under palm trees like in a Bounty ad? Or maybe he/she has a favorite book or movie watched dozens of times and known thoroughly by heart. Or maybe he/she has talents not related to the his/her profession and life? Or maybe he/she traveled a lot and visited many countries?

Not the point!

The main thing is that we will study out the archives, choose the theme, and create our own timeline, where a warm wave of pleasant memories and feelings will cover all the guests.

The hero of the day and all the guests will take a unique journey – a journey through the celebrated person’s life!

Sometimes guests are surprised learning so much new about the hero of the occasion during such holidays. We tell you!

What will YOU do?

Make a list of invited guests, express your own wishes for menu, and inform us about all your favorite songs, dances, games, and entertainment.

You need to save as much effort and energy as possible for the celebration itself!

Let your anniversary be a symbol of a new, successful, cheerful and bright life, and memories later will give you many happy hours.

Our celebrations always go with a swing, because we put heart in their organization!