Why Us? Awake your inner perfectionist!

This article will answer the main question of the potential clients, customers, and partners: “Why us (Why are we trustworthy)?”

We are recognized by the Poppy logo. No wonder!

After all, we are a friendly team of creative and unique individuals working as an smooth mechanism of high-quality watches.
For the past 7 years, we have been organizing for you the private and mass events with a twist.

  • We present creative ideas in commercial offers.
  • We introduce projects from scratch!
  • We wrap up absolutely any ideas.
  • We make gifts memorable for our corporate clients, partners, and friends.
  • We monitor the implementation of deadlines and tasks.
  • We coordinate the project from A to Z and deliver it ready-made.
  • We provide crystal-clear estimates, contract work, payment with transfer, clear budget planning and distribution, and work with professional contractors.
  • We make up the cost based on the guarantee that all stages of the event will be delivered strictly according to plan with a high level of service.
  • We take into account all unforeseen situations during the event and after.
  • We offer only professional contractors, qualified performers, and high-quality service.
  • Based on our own, and not only, experience we are able to create an exciting project that sell. We optimize our clients’ ideas, edit, sharpen, and polish them. We value our corporate identity and honor the brand’s policy. We entrust the finalization of the idea to the main person, and the final verification – to the team!

Our cohesive team consists of 5 designers of different directions, an artist, an architect, a fashion designer, 2 copywriters, a photographer, a marketing specialist with a fresh look at the digital technology market and not only, as well as event and entertainment specialists.

We visualize events through presentations in the following stages: Sketch, 2d presentation, 3d presentation, and VR presentation. We meet the most complex requests, when the comfort and convenience of the customer take priority.

We save you time at every stage! And, in the end, we put a smile on the face of both guests and customers, visually and at heart! And most importantly — an individual approach!

Of course, you can apply elsewhere. The market of freelancers or another company.

You can certainly take risks. This is an experience as well.

But what could be better than a proven over time company with client base consisting of major events, holdings, and celebrities?
Here it is — a great review showing that it is easy with us to sell, advertise, promote brands and create an image, as well as other useful things!

Unique. No fanfare. No bragging. No overused templates.

What will you choose?

     Finally, let’s show 5 things you get when WE are not in your event.

Drawing in PowerPoint – Clock Icons | powerpointy

Time spent searching for performers, lack of their performance analysis.
As a result you get the possibility of budget overrun due to unplanned costs (for freelancers and suppliers).

Dollar Sign

The possibility to spend a large amount of money without getting the desired results.
(monitoring compliance with all stages of event preparation, searching for performers take a lot of time and effort, and it is not always justified!)

Running Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project

Constant unrest over the event, the choice between managing and coordinating the event or paying attention to your guests, and as the result it may not coincide with your expectations!

Free Icon | Human group with questions and doubts

Lack of planned calculations and any concept of the future project.

Classroom, education, Presentation, people, Humanpictos, school, student, teacher, learning icon

Lack of full confidence in the positive and high-quality outcome of the event.