Invitation cards and their role in the organization of events

Invitation cards – are the first key to creating a magical mood for you and your guests in anticipation of a significant event. Sometimes it seems that it is easier to organize a cool party than to make an original invitation card, because invitation card – is the “face” of the event. It shows the budget, format, and scope of the event. Looking at it, the guests make up their minds about the event and can make conclusions about whether to go or not, what to wear and what to expect. An ordinary invitation card will leave people indifferent.


An invitation card to an event – is a great way to individually apply and invite someone to a specific event. The invitation card to the event contains a brief information, indicating the specific date and place of the event. Invitation cards are successfully used when holding seminars, thematic events, presentations, birthdays and anniversaries, pre-wedding and wedding celebrations, and others. 

Amapola Exclusive Events specialists carefully develop a unique design for each invitation card.
The style and design of the invitation cards depend on the theme of the upcoming event and the customer’s wishes.

We know how exciting and responsible the preparation for the celebration is – it is necessary to take into account a lot of details, because all the magic of the holiday lies in them.

What is the format of the event: official or unofficial?

For official events, there is a defined format of the invitation card, in which everything is quite strict. First, invitations are printed only on snow-white paper (off white) and only in black paint. For diplomatic, official, and other state–level receptions – the entire text is printed, for less strict ones, partial handwriting is allowed. Secondly, you need to send such invitation cards at least two weeks in advance (or better a month in advance). They also have a defined sample text, which provides for indication of the form of clothing, a request to notify the organizers in case of refusal, and so on. In General, the designer cannot go wild here.

Informal invitation cards can be conveniently divided into two categories: private events (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays) and commercial (company’s birthday, opening of a new store, exhibition, etc.). Depending on the occasion, there is an opportunity to get creative and make a small masterpiece out of the invitation card.