Virtual and augmented realities – new tools of event organizers

The world of future. We’ve been imagining it completely computerized, fantastic, and almost unreal.

Now, when the new term “Virtual and Augmented realities” appeared on the market, we understood that the world of the future is not far ahead. It is already here!

Some people, of course, think about the popular game Pokemon GO, when they come across word – “VR”  ;)
We are going to reveal a secret to you! Thinking that’s all VR is useful for is like using your smartphone only for calls.

This global industry is developing in lightning speed and it is designed not only to entertain, but also to help a lot in business and life.

The best analysts in the world say as one that in the near future VR-helmets and AR-glasses will become as common as a laptop or smartphone.

Sure, we will still have to put on different devices, but they will look more like ordinary glasses or a mask ;)

Obviously, it is impossible to predict the power of virtual reality and the future, but as we develop and learn, this science is transforming and evolving as well. It will definitely change the way we perceive the matter of reality.

Now more details!

Virtual reality (VR) — is a three-dimensional, entirely computer environment where the users have to wear VR goggles to interact with the virtual world.

And augmented reality (AR) combines both computer-created elements and reality for the creation of the extended world.

Virtual and augmented realities open up new opportunities for event organizers to create really new impressions that fascinate and attract the event participants with its technological effectiveness.

Amapola Exlusive Events actively practice augmented and virtual reality elements in their work. Now presentation of the event to the Client is made not only as sketch-drawings and 3d presentations but also in a completely new introduction as VR presentations with the use of goggles, helmets, and other elements of virtual reality. Being in the company office the Client can visit and see all the locations as it will look on the day of the event, including its decorations and designer layout. A virtual tour at the location allows a clear understanding of its size, comfort, and general suitability for holding that event.

Besides, our company offers and uses virtual and augmented reality effects when holding birthday parties, corporate events, team-buildings, proms, and even weddings.

In short, new technologies fascinate and attract more and more attention, revealing opportunities for drawing a large audience to your event, making a strong impression and being retained in the memory of the audience.