The Event Marketing industry develops by leaps and bounds

The Event industry develops by leaps and bounds

At present, the Event marketing is considered as one of the most important technologies in the promoting brand and its values through emotional sphere.

Key advantages of the Event marketing – personal contact between the consumer and the product, delivery of valuable characteristics of the brand to potential target audience, thus allowing to form favourable perception, and, as a result, attitude to the brand.

In competitive environment, the matter on the winning potential consumers by means of the marketing tools becomes especially actual when the uniqueness of the products is no longer main advantage, where the consumer properties of the products become more similar, and the fighting for the attention of the target audience moves from the sphere of information to the sphere of emotions.

In order to distinguish the company among its competitors, create positive opinion and loyalty of the customer, Amapola Exclusive Events offers its services on the organization of the Event marketing events.

Realization of a marketing event includes the following stages:

  1. Setting goals and objectives for the event.

  2. Development of clear algorithm (plan) for the event realization.

  3. Presentation to the Client: in sketch (painter drawing), 2d. 3d, VR formats.

  4. Holding a marketing event, full control over the implementation of all the points of the event organization plan.

  5. Turnkey of the project – ranging from invitations to memorable gifts.

  6. Analysis of realized marketing event

Amapola Exclusive Events portfolio includes a large number of the events from the event marketing category. It includes the presentation of new collections of Luxury brands – Сartier, Chopard, Micallef, Roberto Coin, Blancpain, opening ceremonies of Cinema plus cinema, the presentations of the premiers of the films in Cinema plus, the presentation of a new product of Kasko Butik, Hell Summer Party, opening of Hard Rock restaurant etc.

We offer the photos of the most shining and interesting among them:

Presentation of “Red carpet” collection by Chopard jewellery house

Presentation of new collection of Cartier


Presentations of new collection of Roberto Coin


Presentation of new M.Micallef

All the projects in our portfolio from the Event Marketing category.