Adults’ birthdays – party scenarios

Planning a birthday party is always a lot of fun.

And at the same time, organizing a birthday party for adults is a rather laborious process. After all, both the guests and the hero of the occasion – all adults, formed personalities, each with his own individual peculiarities – should feel comfortable at this holiday.

The specialists of our Amapola Exclusive Events team will take care of the organization of your holiday, delivering it “turnkey”, which means that they will develop all the stages, starting from the invitation and ending with memorable gifts.

The company has a lot of interesting scenarios for birthdays and anniversaries for adults, we share with you some of them:

  • Trip around the World

The scenario of the birthday, in which everyone is invited to go on a festive trip around the world, was to the liking of our birthday boy – a lover of journeys and incredible delights, learning the beauty of the world and getting acquainted with the culture and life of different countries.

  • Zodiac signs

The birthday scenario in the “Zodiac Signs” theme was perfect for our birthday girl, who was passionate about astrology, whose mind is flexible and receptive to all the unknown, who knew exactly all the features and characteristics of the horoscope signs and the interaction between them.

“White Party” theme of the birthday representing freedom, purity, light and trust, described our birthday girl in the best way possible. To emphasize the features of her character, everything assumed her favorite white color on that day.

  • Master of sports

A birthday in the style of “Master of sports” was specially selected for our birthday boy, a master of sports on fencing, who achieved high results and, like all athletes, had a resolute and strong–willed character, was extremely self-rigorous and for whom discipline was always in the first place.

  • Cinemaddict

The “Cinemaddict” birthday scenario was chosen for our birthday boy, a lover of cinema and photography, a creative person who valued the uniqueness of every shot and moment of life.

  • The Venetian Masquerade ball

The “Venetian Masquerade ball” birthday theme was chosen by our birthday girl, so mysterious, aristocratic and refined, combining the mystery and all the colors of The Venetian ball.

  • Azerbaijanis in Italy

The theme “Azerbaijanis in Italy” was chosen especially for our birthday boy, taking into account his love for Italy, which was and remains a kind of magnet for the surrounding world, for its color, its culture and its people, so similar to us in their appearance and emotions.

  • Poppy Paradise

Birthday in the “Poppy Paradise” style was to the liking of our birthday girl, who had the same bright and outstanding appearance as these beautiful flowers. In addition, the birthday coincided with the time of flowering of these delicate and fragile flowers.

In short, by applying to the specialists of Amapola Exclusive Events, you solve two key tasks at once: find a place for the holiday, and people who will professionally and knowledgeably develop a birthday scenario for an adult.

After all, a well-chosen, comfortable and stylish room, combined with an interesting and rich program, in total can result in the perfect holiday, for which everything is usually started.