“Greet according to clothes” – the role of costume modelling in event organisation

“Clothes count for first impression only” – the role played by clothes in a person’s social presentation is noted very subtly in this expression. Clothing acts as a means of communication, as a tool to influence the behaviour and attitude of other people to its owner.

Did you know that clothes and costumes play a significant role in organizing events in addition to the thematic design? Specially designed costumes are simply necessary to create the appropriate mood for the holiday.

Amapola Exclusive Events team always pays special attention to the costumes of all participants of the event. Everything should be perfectly thought out to the smallest detail, starting from the hostess costume and ending with the animators’ clothing. The main details of the costumes indicating belonging to a particular topic, their colour range harmoniously combined with the decor of the room, and tailoring should be exactly modelled according to the theme of the holiday.

A striking example of the mentioned above is the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad, where all the costumes of the participants in the ceremony were modelled:

Chess pieces in white and black suits on a chessboard indicate an eternal issue of balance meaning that Lady Luck periodically moves to one side or the other.

The Red Queen, in a fiery costume, who serves as a “switch” of time together with the Magic Mirror.

The “weaver” dancer in a suit with long sleeves like threads and in a hat decorated with coloured skeins of thread is a symbol of carpet weaving, the national treasure of our country.

The following are examples from private events of the Company:

Birthday on Space topic – attendants, animators and host were dressed in NASA overalls and costumes.

Stickers in the style of spaceships, stations and satellites were printed and pasted on suits to give greater similarity and originality.

Birthday in Venice Masquerade style – the hostess girl is dressed in a beautiful silk dress with pockets along the entire length of the skirt. Welcoming the guests, she kindly offered them Venetian masks prepared in advance in the numerous pockets of her dress.

The person meeting guests and dressed in a Harlequin costume also perfectly complements the theme of the evening.