Team-building – off-site event

Taking into account that the world is currently going through a difficult time and learning to live under the conditions of struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic, employees of many companies work remotely from their apartments and communicate through various communication platforms.
It is obvious that such communication does not give the effect that can be achieved by live communication, transmitting eye contact, emotions and mood.

In addition, people who spend 8-9 hours in the same office, no doubt, miss communicating and spending time together when working remotely.

It would be a great idea to organize a team-building for the employees for psychological discharge after cancellation of the quarantine and all prohibitions, resuming of normal life, including labor activity in offices.

Employees of Amapola Exclusive Events will be happy to help you with this!

We will organize an ideal team-building for you, through which you will be able to achieve the following goals:

•  give employees positive emotions and pleasant memories of working in your company;

•  encourage employees to work together as a team, strengthen the relationship between them, and create unity in the team;

•  motivate and set the team up for positivity and success;

•  discover the creative potential and creativity of employees;

•  create an effective decision-making mechanism within the team;

•  form an understanding of the value, significance and role for the company of each individual specialist;

•  and finally, just relax and have fun in an informal and free environment;

We have a wide variety of ideas of interesting team-building events to offer and hold:

•  active team-building, hiking and nature trips

•  sports team-building, competitions in various sports (football, basketball, tennis, etc.)

•  team-building-quests- in or outside the city

•  creative master classes (painting, pottery, etc.)

•  intelligent team-building, like the game “What? Where? When?”

•  fancy dress team-building

•  team-building – various games like “mafia” and much more.

And finally, we would like to note that by contacting our specialists, You can get professional help in organizing all types of recreation and implement all interesting ideas.

Competent staff, who perfectly know what corporate team-building is, will help you implement Your projects and strengthen a favorable atmosphere in the team.