The role of animators at children’s events


How much this word means!

If to sort through a little, you can see that a celebration in our age rarely passes without participation of a well-coordinated team of animators.

Who are they, these highly-demanded and quite recognizable actors?

The word “animation” itself came to us from the Latin anima, which means nothing but “soul” — “animation”. Its goal is to create a wonderful mood and atmosphere, as well as to involve the guests of the holiday in the action, which will then become its incredible and bright moment.

We can boldly state that animator is not just an actor who has transformed into a character, has a clear speech, a trained voice and has a good sense of humor, but also a psychologist at a subtle level (to quickly find a way out of any situation and not let anything, even a very small trouble, affect the course of the event).
A sort of charismatic improviser :)

He simply must have a huge stock of creative baggage behind his back! Must be sensitive, cultured, know a sense of proportion (in everything!). In a word – a professional whose appearance, behavior, manners, and even look cause only kind smiles in the audience of the celebration.

Animators, by the way, are also different ;)

For children, here they are, their own amusement organizers – fabulous, animated, bright and necessarily kind, able to help and cheer up. After all, what can be more vulnerable than a fragile child’s soul, whether it is a mousy girl or even an unrestrained naughty boy!

Children are the most grateful and direct audience! This is the truth! You’ve seen how their eyes sparkle as soon as the animator appears on the horizon?
And also it is an extremely sensitive determinant of emotions! They are very sensitive to lies and falsehoods.

Therefore, in our opinion, a person should be born as a children’s animator! This is a unique talent and gift! These are people with an open soul, able to wonder at everyday things and look at the world with children’s eyes.

After all, it is near them at the end of the celebration that all the children gather without exception! Kids literally “stick” to such people, interrupting each other with their ringing and incendiary screeching.
So it’s impossible to just learn and become a professional animator! This is like trying to build high-rise buildings without having any idea of the essence of this work.

And you also need to love and understand children…and know that they always pay special attention to the stage props and for them the attributes of the entire celebration are also extremely important (although this is a completely different story ;) )

Just remember that animators (those who were born as animators) create the very convention of what is happening and instantly immerse children into the atmosphere of action.

We’ll say for sure — animators are very important for the event industry and give their positive results in creating an atmosphere of celebration.

So it turns out that one animator is better than ten independently organized holidays with their own roles (no matter how hard you try).