Which animations are interesting for children

Children’s holiday can be turned into a real show, bright, emotional, unforgettable! The effect will be stunning!

It is enough to choose the theme, animation and script precisely! But definitely the one that will not be boring to anyone!
Oh, yes — and don’t forget the treats! We will reveal a secret — if it is a thematic catering then you can be sure that this event will remain in the memory of children for the whole life, of course, by giving an ocean of positive and bright emotions!

After all, do you want your child to be in the center of attention, but at the same time none of the baby guests feel misplaced?

Of course, it is best to entrust such a significant and special event to a professional event company.

We do not like to praise ourselves, but we have a lot of ideas in our arsenal that have been tested by time and children’s groups! We have already selected “one hundred thousand million” varieties of games that attracted children of different age groups. We created incredibly colorful and modern decorations, adding them with no less unique stage props, and transferred the minds of children to their own world!

We know all the details so that we can bravely offer ready-made options, which simply won’t need anything to be added to.

But if you still decide to develop the holiday yourself, then we will direct you to a few win-win ideas in selecting animation.

We will say honestly that a huge number of ideas for an interesting event can be boldly combined in several leading areas. Yes, the names of holidays may differ infinitely, but structurally they will necessarily correspond to one concept.

Everything is quite simple!

In this list, you can bravely add travelling in space (in the cosmos, in time), acquaintance with the characters of fairy tales, cartoons, comics, movies (by the way, a wonderful option), circus performances, acquaintance with the traditions of different countries, and even transformation of children into their favorite pirates, travelers and fairies!

Of course, you should not forget about star parties with bright outfits and retro discos, for example, of the 80s ;)

And for active smart guys, perhaps the best choice will be the quest!

Another quite high-demanded concept today is to focus at the event on acquaintance with professions and specialties (this is not only interesting for children, but also USEFUL).

And then, kids imagine themselves as firefighters, doctors, chemists, cosmonauts and even biological engineers with great pleasure! (Of course, this choice requires a talented team and well-thought-out details!)

But if your child loves to draw on the walls, floor, ceiling, cat, dog and neighbors, then your choice should definitely go for graffiti!

This is a great opportunity to teach your child the basic rules of art and turn the walls of your home into a masterpiece of street art!

By the way, if you prepare a wall with a sketch in advance, which they can paint themselves using spray paint, then you will inevitably succeed! And one more thing — don’t forget to invite a graffiti artist who will be happy to share with the children the secrets and subtleties of this fascinating creativity!

There are actually a huge number of ideas, because the event industry does not stand still and the savings box of topics is systematically replenished with new popular animations.

We will say one thing — when you are one hundred percent determined with the choice, then there will be one small thing left – to prepare the decoration elements, develop the RIGHT menu and stock up on stage props and gifts!

By the way, if your celebration is intended as a surprise, let your child choose the theme and animation – why not?

Just remember what cartoons he watches with special pleasure and what toys he plays. After all, every age has its own heroes and interests! ;)