The history of graphic design and its significance in the event industry

Who would ever have thought that the true graphic design was born about 36 thousand years ago.

After many years of researches and studies, archaeologists and scientists have clearly realized one important truth — rock paintings are not only a source of valuable information. They are showing that the primitive community had its own culture and graphics.

Yes! You heard it right! Graphics!

The Greek word ‘graphikos’ means visual statements made on any surface. In other words, it is the expression of ideas, values and meanings through the visual language of a multi-faceted space and merging images together with fonts in its final message.

The nature of art is not for nothing considered the most elusive of all mysteries. Having adapted to the modern world, it had become an extremely popular tool and later turning into a profession in the direction of communication with the public.

It turned out to be an interesting modern specialization, which many people think is quite simple and, even, not high-priority.

But, in fact, it is one of the most important specializations on the market! There are no other words for it, because design solves many problems just using colors, shapes, compositions, and words.

Let’s consider an event company as an example.

Everyone knows that marketing activities contribute to making the right decision by the target audience.
You probably already know what the marketing itself is based on. Well, if not, here you will find the answers.

So, its effectiveness is nothing but visualization! It is more attractive to the audience and therefore helps to solve communication problems, while creating affordable and accurate advertising.
Do you see that graphic design is a vast field of activity and an integral part of our world?

We are sure you do! Because graphics is the only language that is understandable everywhere, to everyone, and always!

You probably think: “What’s so complicated about it? You write a couple of texts, draw a couple of images…”.

But trust us, this is not enough!

Graphic design actually requires a fairly deep knowledge and a non-standard view.
It includes different tools, so it is not limited to just two or three areas.
This is a sort of massive tree of interlacing digital and printed work on photos, videos and illustrations, texts, fonts, and animation.

Even if you look around right now, you will see enough examples. Our lives are filled with them: book covers, magazines, packaging, labels, TV ads, and much more.

All this is created by graphic designers! They help to sell the product and convey the idea!

We will not talk about the scale of the work of graphic designers and their need. After all, the product can be an ordinary postage stamp, and the navigation design of an entire state.

And if we talk about the present time with the COVID-19 and its consequences on the market, then graphic design is a salvation for many structures!

Judge for yourself. In the treacherous mode of self-isolation, you will not be able to have shoots with the actors, you will not be able to work with the room if necessary, and you will absolutely not be able to gather a fairly large team in one place, because it is extremely risky and generally forbidden.

So the solution to these problems was drawn by itself. Replacement of live footage – animation.
Quarantine is not a hindrance for it! The main thing is to have a good computer and a lot of ideas.

Finally, we will say one thing — if you have ever considered developing your talents in graphic design, do not put it off! The profession is extremely popular and developing!

Maybe you will be the pioneer of the new directions ;)

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