“We are powerful together!” and “There is nothing impossible!”. Amapola exclusive events 7 years

Who are we and what drives us?

Today we will talk about us!

“Amapola Exclusive events” is a close-knit team of like-minded professionals, in which everyone can count on the support of the entire team.

Our main value is our employees who strive for continuous improvement and are focused solely on results.

We believe in the ability of each of us to make a huge contribution to the development of the company and this is what allows us to remain competitive in the market.

We will tell straight that we have worked quite hard and learned a lot to achieve success today. Over the years of our company’s existence, we have become a kind of smoothly arranged mechanism or motor, in which dozens of elements depend on each other.

We are like a clock, where every detail is a process of continuous and precise work.

You just can’t see the process itself. It is artfully hidden from you by the clockface – the event.
But if you look at our “mechanism” from the inside, you will see a clear vision of the entire structural picture of our heart.

The “main spring” that is constantly being pulled harder and as a result becomes the main source of energy (a kind of impetus) is our boss.

It is followed by a “gear wheel” – the event department, which receives the same energy from the spring and passes it on.

The trigger mechanism (the same wheel with gears that starts moving after the process is initiated) is our art, PR and procurement departments.

They support this very wheel of balance and please our customers with well-coordinated, clear, and high-quality work.

You may wonder what this invisible energy is that drives us day by day.

“We are powerful together!” and “There is nothing impossible!”.

It is these two slogans that live in our hearts and give us amazing miraculous powers. This is the message that expresses our guiding idea.

Remember the well-known folklore piece “Seven pomegranate rods”, which states that it is difficult to break a whole bunch, but it is very easy to break each rod separately.

Look around, you also often find that many people underestimate the power of mutual assistance and hesitate to ask for help when it is extremely necessary.

People think that recognizing their need for support is a sign of weakness. But it is a great mistake, at least for our company!

First, people are biologically created so that they need others.

Second, we can achieve much more together than alone.

“We are powerful together” is not an empty slogan, but the main principle that should be followed in life!
This is an amazing ability — to be always and in everything together, to feel support, to experience a lift in spirit and become stronger. Much stronger!

We enrich our experience through each other, get new impressions, and learn about different points of views, interests, and perceptions of the world. We inspire and are inspired every day. We love and know how to work in a team, not being afraid to ask for help from colleagues and are happy to respond with kindness to a request.

You know, there is an additional plus in it! Good deeds give birth to even more kindness and together we build a better world around us.

All these are combined in our slogan, which undoubtedly helps to achieve amazing results in work.
This is that same powerful force that proves to us day by day that THERE IS NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE! — the second slogan of our team.

We are realists – we demand the impossible from ourselves!

After all, we are clearly aware of this not only in our thoughts, but also time and time again confirm with new projects that absolutely everything in our world is real! If not, it’s only a matter of time before we make it POSSIBLE!

What does it take, you may ask?

Unity, courage, faith and desire to change the world!

And, as Oscar Wilde said – “Nothing is worth doing except what the world says is impossible!”.