Showcase decoration as a way to increase sales

Have you ever noticed, walking in a shopping mall or in the city center, that you went to a store quite unconsciously and unexpectedly seeing something unusual or long desired in its window?

Today we will tell you how a showcase can increase the sales for your business by 50% or even 200%.

Yes! These figures are a well-recognized fact, confirmed by numerous marketing, statistical, and psychological studies around the world!

Then why many store owners in our country do not practise high-quality showcase decoration?
As for us, this phenomenon is a throwback!

This is especially deeply felt now, in the time of the economic crisis, when purchasing power has significantly decreased. Every client today is an opportunity to stay afloat and get a decent profit. That is why there is a tough and highly competitive fight for it.

You should always remember that specialized points of sale must attract the buyer, not just indicate the availability of the product. Thus, a competent window dressing will help to increase demand today.

Decoration of the showcase, being the “face” of your store is an important and responsible task. It needs to be carefully worked on, since it has a great importance for attracting customers.

You may ask “why?”.

Because a bright window will attract attention and invite the customer to enter boutique or store.

Let’s get this straight.

What does a storefront do?

In fact, the storefront is a trade, and trade is an illusion. Storefronts use a standart set of illusions to increase sales.

Let’s consider decoration elements for an apartment as an example. The illusion of a room decorated in style sells itself and creates a certain feeling in the potential client making him/her to reach for the door handle.

Choosing the right impression is the main task of a good designer. The decoration should snatch the target audience from the crowd. This will significantly affect the impulsive purchases.

As in other areas of life in our country, store owners often prefer to decorate their showcase all by themselves. But this option is deeply unprofitable. In the vast majority of cases, the lost profit is usually more than the funds saved by decorating the storefront on their own.

You probably will not agree, but everything is much more complicated, trust us!

First of all, problems start at the stage of choosing professionals. After all, they must have knowledge of marketing, psychology, advertising technologies, statistics, and design. Besides, they must have taste, ideas, and determination. Let’s say, this area of creativity is narrow-focused and unique.

You probably think, “why do we need marketing knowledge and determination for ‘normal’ window dressing?”

The answer is simple. We still need not only to have a taste and be able to attract customers, but also to choose the right direction for a specific, tangible increase in sales. It is very important to determine the target audience for your advertisement.
Do you realize that choosing the wrong one you reduce the effectiveness of your showcase?