Creativity at the state events. Easy or difficult?

In our previous article we already told you about the scheme for building any project.

And today, we will reveal more extensively the very part of state projects where creativity joins up, skillfully combined with guidelines.

Any event organizer does his job, trying to surprise the client, give him the coolest event, with lots of specialties and unusual solutions.

In theory, of course, everything is quite simple — thought, found, implemented.

But in reality, everything is much more complicated.

First, creating a unique project is preceded by serious preparatory work. After all, creativity is not only a collective mind, but also the ability to model a problem in advance and find unique solutions through your rich experience before you start creating something.
Here it is important to remember one truth — no matter how detailed the plan is outlined, you can never exclude objective obstacles such as traffic jams, human factors and force majeure.

The company’s demanding management helps to avoid all current problems. Only demanding! Who scrupulously decomposes all ideas and proposals to molecules and prepares an “X Plan” for himself.
Because the very progressive construction of the idea must be correctly carried out in the context of timing and distribution of work. (And as we remember, any event consists of trifles)

And how do creative ideas originate, you will ask?

Only when connecting the minds of all employees of the company at a large table of negotiations.
The proposal itself consists of writing down ideas, not brainstorming. Everyone comes with ready-made sketches of thoughts and hangs them on the board for criticism and discussion. This means that collectively we can move past the obvious things to the most complex and creative ones, immediately coming up with new ones.
All our ideas, desires, and thoughts work together to create something unique. This is the formula that has become an integral part of our life.
Creativity grows with our knowledge, and the more ideas, people, and experience we have, the more new solutions we can come up with.

Guided by the fact that the best minds always swim against the current, the primary task of any idea becomes the question – “How can we bypass the established rules without breaking them?”.
Yes, by the way – this is not an offer to break the law! ;)

You probably know that great creative people were great because they did what they really loved.

It is really so!

Just try to do something yourself with true passion and love, and you will find that you just can’t stop your own flow of creativity, because you will think about it all day, and your mind will be full of ideas.

Let’s be honest, while we were preparing this article for you, something completely new generated in my mind. ;)