Themed parties

Themed parties are a modern trend in the holiday industry. A party in a certain style is a great occasion to show imagination and your own personality.

First of all, you need to choose a holiday theme. The next steps are to develop a scenario and solve organizational issues, thinking through everything to the smallest detail.

Amapola Exclusive Events experts share their experience in organizing such events.

Children’s activities.

If you want to give your child a fun holiday, then prepare for him a party that will be remembered by him and his guests for a long time. For children, topics such as:

1)Ball for the Princess;
2)pirate Party;
3)super heroes;
5)holiday based on your favorite cartoons, such as: “Peppa pig”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Pinocchio”, etc.

It is very important to correctly paint the holiday program. In order for the children not to get tired, it is necessary to alternate active gaming contests with more calm and measured ones. Also, the program can be diversified by various master classes in needlework and craft creation.

Activities for adults.

Holding theme parties for adults, of course, is different from children’s parties.

Various ideas are suitable for holding hen parties, weddings, birthdays, etc. To come up with a theme, just turn on the imagination and take into account the wishes of the heroes of the occasion.

Popular Party Themes:

Many people love to return to the past and spend their holidays in retro style. The most popular are the evenings organized in the style of “New York 20th”, “Chicago”, “Great Gatsby”. As for the dress code, for women, tight-fitting dresses, hats with a veil, headbands with feathers, pearl beads, etc. are suitable. Men put on tuxedos and put on butterflies. As music, you can choose jazz, and as decorations – ancient objects that correspond to the spirit of that time.
Another commonly used idea is the movie “Hipsters.” Bright clothes, original hairstyles, jewelry and, of course, fiery dances.
The original version for the party is “Agent 007”. Here you can organize quests that are very popular and they leave a lot of vivid impressions.
For the celebration, you can use the styles of different countries, for example, Japanese, Italian, French and, of course, Hawaiian.

To make the holiday go with a bang, try to show your imagination and think through everything to the smallest detail. At the end of the holiday, you will be generously rewarded for your efforts with the grateful smiles of children, friends, relatives and colleagues, and the memories of the holiday will remain in your memory for many years!