Organization of corporate events

Each company − regardless of its size and business lines – has its own calendar of events that occur throughout the year.

It is a mistake to think that an office event is a holiday for the sake of a holiday and nothing else. In fact, corporate events should become not only an entertainment, but also a way to improve the efficiency of the company, unite its employees into one team, and develop organizational culture. If the staff does not have a specialist whose main task is to organize and conduct holidays, you should use the services of employees of a specialized event agency.

To make the celebration successful, it is necessary to inform the specialists as much useful information as possible, in particular − occasion for celebration, the purposes for holding it and the tasks that must be performed in the end. This will allow to turn a banal party into a truly memorable event. The perfect combination of the official and entertainment components − 30/70.

What should I pay attention to first?

First of all, you need to decide on the format of the corporate event.

  • Banquet. It is the most common. In this case, the organization of the holiday is carried out on the territory of a specialized establishment. Depending on the budget of the event, it can be a cafe, restaurant or a chic entertainment complex. The undoubted advantage of banquets is that there are no problems with the menu: any dishes will be prepared in a professional kitchen.

The staff of the Amapola Exclusive Events have extensive experience in the field of holiday organization, and therefore they will be able to correctly match the appearance time of the dishes with the appropriate entertainment program, so as not to make the guest to choose between eating or participating in the program. They will also be able to calculate the right amount of food and drinks so that everyone has enough and there is no overspending, since the restaurant is the party interested in the content of the menu. In addition, most entertainment venues are equipped with a stage or dance floor. This allows you to invite a star to a holiday – the presence of the artist will definitely bring its own zest to the overall atmosphere of the celebration.

  • Offsite. Recently, going out into nature with the colleagues is becoming more and more popular. However, there are some restrictions: first, the weather conditions may not be quite suitable, and second, older employees may refuse to take a long trip because it is tedious for older people. In addition, you will need to take care of catering and accommodation in advance if the corporate event is planned for several days. For the rest, offsite events have only positive sides. There are a lot of entertainment options − master classes, team building, sports competitions, quests in nature, and paintball, it will not be boring.

Amapola Exclusive Events specialists share with you the secrets of a proper holiday:

  1. Venue and duration of the event
  2. Creating of a menu
  3. Choosing an entertainment program
  4. All the first three items must be carried out taking into account such indicators as the gender of the team, the average age, and the allowable budget of the celebration.

Our specialists know everything about the perfect organization of a corporate event.