Wedding organizer – is a modern trend in the event industry

Wedding – is certainly a happy event in the life of a family, however, so that it does not turn into a headache, you should use the advice of professionals.

Employees of Amapola Exclusive Events share their experience in this field. The main points to pay attention to when organizing weddings:

1.Wedding concept – is an important question that you will have to think about. Perhaps the most spectacular and most interesting are themed weddings, especially if the theme is chosen in accordance with the temperament, hobbies or interests of young people and guests. Then the entire scenario, the costumes of the bride and groom, design, competitions and other details are easily compiled into a program and fit harmoniously into the overall theme.

If it is difficult for young people to choose a wedding theme, in order for it to look harmonious, it is enough to choose, for example, one-two-three colors for it.


2.Invitation cards and wedding scenario. It is not so difficult to come up with a theme or concept, but it is much more difficult to create a scenario and develop design of invitation cards for this topic. How will the first meeting of the bride and groom take place? What will the guests do when the newlyweds leave for a photo shoot? Who will lead the wedding? What competitions will be held? In all these questions, we strongly recommend contacting professional hosts or organizers who can take into account any nuances and implement your most daring and original ideas. Together with the organizer, you will also be able to decide on the DJ and invited artists.


3.Choosing restaurant, its location (in the city or country) Is it convenient to get to it? Is there a parking? It will be frustrating to spend a few hours of such an important day for you standing in traffic on the way to the banquet. The number of guests that can fit into the restaurant, its interior and atmosphere. The restaurant’s cuisine is also important. No matter how beautiful the restaurant looks, first of all it should have high-quality and diverse dishes. Making a menu – is a separate topic, but when choosing a restaurant, you need to visit it in person and try several dishes, including desserts. Special attention is paid to the birthday cake, which should complement the whole idea of the celebration itself.


4.Decoration of the wedding hall – is a mandatory part of the wedding design, since it is here that the main part of the celebration and the wedding banquet takes place. The newlyweds’ area, tables, chairs, stage, dance floor and other interior details – all these should be used to create a wedding atmosphere.

5.Choosing a wedding car – you need to choose transport for the bride and groom (luxury limousine, retro car, sports car, etc.), its decoration, which harmoniously complements the decorations of the hall, i.e. in the same style.

6.Photo and video support. No wedding is complete without photos and videos today. Original video editing and high-quality post-processing of photos will perpetuate your event in a way that it will be pleasant to remember years later.

Organization of a turnkey wedding – is a multi-faceted process, during which Amapola Exclusive Events specialists will solve hundreds of issues for you: between choosing a wedding venue, developing a scenario and style of the celebration, selecting wedding specialists, artists, trusted contractors, including light and sound, the concept of wedding decoration, etc. In addition, in order for the wedding to have a solemn character, without a single hint that there is a collection of money, the aesthetics of the wedding must be observed.