What the coffee drink are you?

Did you know that coffee as well as a person has a pronounced character, depending on its taste, saturation, appearance or method of serving? We offer you a characteristic of coffee drinks, where you are sure to find yourself. What YOU drink coffee ??


You’re Espresso. Reserved, delicate, and most importantly – pragmatic. It is possible to go on a journey with you and not think about anything, but the taste of this harsh coffee.


Bright, emotional, with a twist of Italian soul. Of course Ristretto! What to add here? Perhaps — Perfettamente!


About you, people always talk with envy – strong, heavy, confident, and bold! Certainly Lungo!


You will never neglect diplomacy, but you will also not be able to hide your temperament by diluting it with exquisite taste! You are a real Americano!


This is love! First harsh, and then sweet and easy. But the moments when it is sweet and harsh – are the best! You are the perfect representative of Cappuccino!

Café Latte

About those like you, people always talk warmly! Soft, sweet, and cozy. Who, if not Café Latte?

Filter Coffee

You get up before the alarm clock and are always distinctively brutal. Punctuality is the absolute strong point of your business life! You are – Filter Coffee!

Con Panna

People will surely look behind you and will never forget an attractive and unique personality! Memorable as the same Con Panna!

Latte Macchiato

Loyal and exciting at the same time. You skilfully charm hearts with your versatility. Recognized? Yes, you are – Latte Macchiato!


Calm, like a light drizzle. With the same degree of coolness and fresh pragmatism. You are – Frappuccino!

Raf Coffee

You’re amazing! What are only your firmness and vividly saturated emotionality worth! You are 100 % Raf Coffee!

Turkish Coffee

Loyal and orientally wise! You skillfully convey the essence of age-old traditions to new generations as an example! A doubtless Turkish Coffee!

Flat White

Airy, light, and kind. This is how you are described by those who happened to know you! The real Flat White!


Desirable as a sweet dessert. Soft as cotton candy. True Affogato! Loved by all!

Cold Brew Coffee

Aged like wine for years. Colorful as the colors of a rich summer and persistent as the most expensive perfume! Cold Brew Coffee. It’s you!

Nitro Coffee

Playful, like snowflakes dancing in the cool air of bright juicy summer, appeared like a miracle! You are – Nitro Coffee!

Café Mocha

A very pleasant companion. Sensitive down to the fine points and sentimental as an ideal romantic. Cafe Mocha and only him!

Espresso Martini

Strong as a rock and spicy-sweet as the best liqueur! Incomparable Espresso Martini!

Mocha Caramel

Loved by all without exception, intriguing with its virtues and fascinating with its beauty. Who, if not Mocha Caramel! Only him!

Iced Café Latte

Soft, but cold at the same time, able to keep the golden mean of the harmony of its nature. True Iced Café Latte!

Dalgona coffee

Fashionable, stylish, and keeping up with the times. You are Dalgona coffee, which skillfully leaves a mark in the memory of anyone who happened to see you!

Freddo White

Tempting, with a surprisingly colorful character. So versatile that Freddo White has become your second name!

Decaf coffee

Able to maintain its status owing to the gift of mixing restraint with pedantic uniqueness. Decaf coffee and no one else!


You are – Breve! Restrained and so gentle that became the idol of the desire of true gourmets!

Viena Coffee

Aristocratic as in the best houses in Vienna, creative to the core and refined as the music of the violin. Real Viena Coffee!


You abruptly enter the lives of others with your bold nature, you know how to take a blow like a hard nut and win hearts. Romano – it’s your nature!


Corretto — it’s you! Courageous and persistent. Harsh in taste and strong in character. An enviable friend and respected by others. Isn’t that happiness?

Mead Raf

You know how to take everything from life! The colorfulness of your soul becomes a desirable quality of those who know you!

Caramel Latte

Caramel Latte – that’s all! Romantic, attractive, and with the incredible energy of warmth! What could be better?

Lavender Raf

Filled with natural beauty. You skillfully combine the creativity of your nature with the charisma of your soul! Lavender Raf is your second name!

Vanilla Raf

You are the one to rely on! Kind, responsive, and sensitive. You have gathered all the qualities that are inherent only to representatives of the subtle soul. In a word — Vanilla Raf!

Beer Raf

Confident, strong, and masculine. Near you as behind a wall! Beer Raf! That’s what they call the representatives of your character!

Havana Cappucino

You are undoubtedly Havana Cappuccino! A traveler who loves exotics and adventure. It’s impossible to get bored with you! This is awesome!

Coffee Alexander

You can be proud of yourself! You are – Coffee Alexander! Persistent as the most historical warrior! Reliable as a rock and imperious as a king!