Boys or girls. Whom is it easier to arrange a theme-based event for?

It seems that the event industry was not immune to the interminable controversy on the gender war.

So, is it easier to arrange a holiday at its best for a boy or a girl?

Discussing this question our team tried to cover every aspect of each detail as much as possible, including the music choice.

So, Boys!

Very willful and persistent. Unlike girls, they want more activities, endless games, and attention. Especially attention. :)

Team games and quests for curious naughty and active child are probably the most important part of a successful celebration. Especially when it comes to something mysterious and belligerent. This will not leave anyone indifferent and will run goosebumps to the very “boy’s” heart.

It is what it is. Sometimes you can even hear the decorators’ delight of immersing in the masculine world. :)

Well, that’s a given, because every boy see himself a superhero! We just need to make the dream of Superman and Batman come true. Isn’t it the best birthday present? For sure!
They are very happy to try on these life-important characters. Especially when it comes to magic and Harry Potter, who won millions of boys’ hearts.

Bold, brave, funny! Masters of the seas and oceans, the Internet and the jungle. Pirates, robots, eyewitnesses of the dinosaurs, and kings.

Whatever the boy’s favorite theme, he will want not only to immerse in the atmosphere, but also to try on the hero costume!
Who knows, maybe we really have our own superhero in the city? ;)


They always dream of kingdoms and fairytale princesses. Sophisticated crown is shining in their hair. It complements the crystal shoes with incredibly luxurious ball gown.
Delicate girls are encouraged by the rainbow ponies and kind disney characters. They hug Mickey Mouse, Teddy Bear, and Peppa Pig. They admire the magic wands and soft wings of beautiful fairies.

Sweet tooth and extremely vulnerable creatures. They will “cruise” around happily for a long time with ice cream in their hands, and they will be madly upset when it melts.

They can be won over with the huge variety of chocolate – favorite delicacy of all women’s hearts without exception, and, of course, cotton candy.

Bright, delicate, refined, loving everything soft and beautiful. Stylish, impeccable and, even, sometimes strict.

They will definitely grow into the very queen to win the heart of our superhero!

So, what conclusion did we come to?

They are equally cute, interesting, and incredibly attractive creatures! And their holidays are equally fascinating in their atmosphere.

Let’s be honest — sometimes we want to stay there as guests. :)