Luxury kitchen – rules for decoration and design of the dream kitchen

Every housewife will say that the kitchen is the very heart of any home. But how it beats and what it feeds your apartment body with depends directly on you!

To prepare the most delicious salad or put on the table a beautiful dinner, you need to plan the kitchen so that it, in addition to its functionality, brings endless pleasure to create culinary wonders.
Therefore, our advice to you — long before the repair visually imagine how you would like it to be. It will be enough to visualize the most basic accents, and after them in your imagination will appear the very details that will not only complement it, but also adorn with its unique selection.

By the way, ergonomics will help you a lot in this. There is such a notion of science in design, which studies the extremely convenient interaction of man and space. It includes not only recognized standards of compliance, but also factors that in one way or another affect the personal characteristics of the owner himself.
Think about how much time you plan to spend in the kitchen, how many people can gather at the same table, how many people can experiment with new dishes, what appliances you like and where it should stand in your opinion. And also – be sure to consider what dishes will be frequent guests on your table.

As soon as you answer all these questions, immediately sit down comfortably in front of the monitor screen and choose from a huge assortment in the world the tableware that it will be pleasant for you to eat form.

Also do not forget about how many kitchen utensils will be located in your space. This will play one of the important roles, because almost everything you need for a good mood should always be at your fingertips.

And now we are moving smoothly to the most important triangle of the work area.
You probably already guessed that this is nothing but the refrigerator-sink-stove.

Why is it always emphasized?

The answer is quite simple. After all, it is in this zone that absolutely nothing should prevent you from flitting in the most beautiful mood during the preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially if you have a cold weapon in your hands ;)

Now you know exactly what you want, and you will certainly guess who to turn to if your dreams seem unrealizable to you!