Company out of company

COVID-19 or coronavirus in common terms. It is the main culprit of the current situation with the world economy, and if you go deeper — with every company, not only in our country, but all over the world.

Let’s be honest, it was difficult for us to say goodbye to the common office mode.

No wonder!

For a moment, imagine that we won’t be able to run into a colleague’s office and ask a couple of questions about the current project, we won’t be able to observe the creation of a render of upcoming event, and our noisy, vivid, and fancy meetings will be no more.

After collecting all our belongings in a cardboard box (just like in the movies), we left the office and wandered into the unknown, like everyone else. We believe strongly in one thing — any crisis means new opportunities, first of all. They just need to be seen!

We have created a communication system convenient for everyone. It worked so well that colleagues to this day ask to consider giving up the office and meet just to drink coffee together (because we miss each other) and go through the current projects at the same time.

We also had the opportunity to sort out all our archives and create ideas of new programs for future events. New trends, formats, their versatility and diversity!

Many people mistakenly believe that planning events is the easiest work on the market. But this is not true! We decided to devote August to changing your mind and revealing the smooth rhythm of Amapola’s life from the inside!

This month we will open the very heart of our event company to you. We will show you how this hard planning process is built for your events, starting from an ordinary phone call by a client and ending with its implementation.

We form! We create! We work for the benefit of you!

When you want your significant day to become special and unique. When you need to raise your business. When you don’t know where to start and how to position yourself correctly. When you just think about the way to do it — we already know it!

Amapola is a living organism with its vein type departments giving a perfect result in their cohesion!

» In-depth marketing research for you to focus your vision on a real understanding of the desires and preferences of your guests or customers.

» Analytical work and formation of the correct positioning of any segment for you not only see what you need firsthand, but also know a number of reasons behind it.

» Design trends, their creation, bold solutions, and discovery of new technologies for you to get with the times and even stay ahead!

» Unique ideas transferred to canvas by the artist and later to VR for your convenience!

» Negotiations with the best (in terms of quality and performance) contractors, development of smart and convenient online resources. All this and many more interesting things to come!

This August is yours for a good reason! You must know how it works!

Anyway, what’s the use of words? Follow the news and you will see everything for yourself! ;)