Pandemic and our persistence

So our informational August is coming to an end.

The difficult crisis period has clearly shown us that few people know our industry and do not perceive it as one of the most important sectors of the world market.

In the previous sections of this month, we published for you a detailed analysis of event companies and introduced you to the heart of our friendly family.
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in the same sequence ;)

We are sure that you were able to discover a completely different world and look at everyday things in a new way.

But for us, August (we still hope that this is the final part of self-isolation) was the month of establishing internal processes and developing new products.

Of course, it is difficult to predict anything, but we are clearly aware of the fact that digital tools effectively fill the space of business processes, give awareness of their need and that they will remain in our lives, most likely forever.
We will probably be the last to enter the normal rhythm of activity.
This is why we have focused on new solutions and developed online tools both for internal processes and for interacting directly with customers, as well as for the development and training of our team.
We reviewed a huge number of webinars, lectures, and trainings — all that we didn’t have enough time for in the process of active offline work. We have prepared new types of project management for you and refined the knowledge we have received.
To be honest, this is not only the organization of events themselves, but also communication with people — this is what we are really good at.

Our recipe for good mood and positivity during quarantine is simple – wait, hope, believe and act! Believe in yourself, in your team and in the work that has been and will be for us The work of our whole life!

After all, for us the work is primarily Emotions. Ours, our customers’ and guests’. Where even the most unusual idea of the client is an incentive for our imagination! This is an art that is rightfully appreciated by customers even with the most demanding character.
Joy in the eyes and comfort of guests — this is what we modestly call our goal, and our regular customers loudly call it our professionalism!

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We wish you more reasons for the implementation of our ideas!

We are sure you know the address of your chic mood! ;)