Сinema – a platform for expanding the capabilities of the design part of the event industry. How it helps in marketing.

It’s no secret that the first cinema appeared at the end of 1890s, along with the birth of the cinema itself.
Of course, it has become much more interesting for people to spend time together watching movies and immerse in the atmosphere of events of the screen.

Each of us has undoubtedly been to a cinema at least once and felt that sense of complete perception of an artistic picture. Just remember how happy we are when we find someone with whom we can worthily discuss a novelty or “wash the bones” of movie characters J

Well, of course!

After all not for nothing do the innovative technologies take us more and more into the world of cinema every year, skillfully animating what is happening on the screen and creating surprisingly powerful, rich sound and colors, thereby ensuring the effect of complete immersion.

Of course, all the most interesting things are just ahead, because technology does not stand still and enters our life with amazing speed.

Now you are probably wondering what is the connection between the cinema and the event industry.

Let’s unravel a little secret for you ;)

Cinema is a very cool platform for advertising opportunities!

Yes, this is not only the trailers of the films themselves, but also an active leisure area, where there have always been, are and will be visitors who must be surprised, attracted and entertained.

“We have thought everything out to the smallest detail! Comfortable chairs, tables and a bar with popcorn are placed along the perimeter” – the administration says.

“We launched an ad,” – exclaims the marketing department.

“We always adhere to neatness and cleanliness!” — the housekeeper is surprised.

Maybe this would be enough if it were not the 21st century, but, for example, the 17th century ;)

But today, in order to attract a visitor and entice him away, you need to think everything out to the smallest detail, including even those moments where a potential visitor just passed by.

It is for these important and key accents, that the enterprising owners of the cinemas appeal to the event company.

What can we offer?

Let’s be honest, we sometimes do not keep up with our own fantasies that have come to life right in front of our eyes, and therefore we try to adapt them to the existing realities as soon as possible.

Spring photowall for Novruz and wonderful fairy tales for the smallest and most demanding customers from Kosa, a welcome and floral photowall with the most pleasant revelations for gentle ladies, and even a frightening and fascinating photowall for Halloween for those who like it hot…
Revival of the famous characters in the form of animators and professional actors, creation of an atmosphere and emotions – this is what remains in the memory of visitors for a long time.

Unlike other advertising technologies, this direction is more effective because the information provided in this campaign causes confidence in the advertiser.

This is the only reason why it is unwise to ignore this medium as a means of promoting any product and service.

Just imagine that such giants as Google, Youtube, Facebook and Netflix spend about 60% of their budget on advertising using sound and visualization in reality.
This is its strong point! It affects the person on a subconscious level and sells the emotion that the client wants to get.

After all, despite the active growth of digital advertising, direct contact with a potential customer in reality still arouses the viewer’s interest and remains the most influential environment in purchasing decisions.

All this and more — serves as an excellent marketing strategy for promoting any brand, in addition to the cinema itself.

By the way, we noticed one small detail that bears great fruit – people like to observe…

… And we – to implement! ;)