Fashion event as a term. How to follow fashion.

We can not limit ourselves to what we have with such a huge range of great projects of different brands and companies throughout the entire existence of the event industry.

Today we will talk about our attitude to fashion and what fashion is for an event company.

First, let’s answer the question: why, in our opinion, do people follow fashion, whatever it is? And let’s start with the most affordable part – advertising.

Some people say that advertising is the engine of trade. Some people think that it is a trigger to create brands. But we think that advertising encourages creation of something for convenience of the direct consumer.

Thus, as a result, good advertising of a good product creates the demand, which will later be called “fashion”!

People say “fashion forces”, but they do not imply that it helps to improve the level of services provided.
And if you say “so many men, so many minds”, then one thing can be said about fashion: all fashion styles change, but fashion itself is a constant process. And if it is constant, it means that people always value something in it.

And what do these people value? What makes people apply to fashion all the time?

We came to the conclusion that there are at least four important values existing in fashion always and everywhere.
First of all, it is modernity, second — universality, third — demonstrativeness, and fourth — it is a game.

The same with the event industry. We are not reinventing the wheel. We follow the fashion and trends. We show our clients that it is possible and necessary to use them in different directions, sometimes completely in an unusual environment, breaking all possible stereotypes.

Fashion is an art and an eternal process. First of all, the process is not only for convenience and comfort, but also for the benefit of the environment. This is what we consider fashionable!

Here are a couple of secrets, just because we want you not to shy away from the word “fashion”!

After all, any event, whether that be a conference, concert or football championship, can be made socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

So, let’s start:

  • Think of a reusable decor that will not be thrown out, but disassembled and stored folded. Or choose recyclable design elements and hand them over to the waste paper and plastic collection point after the event.
  • Get rid of paper, go to the digital
    We live in the digital age and have already abandoned paper media in many areas. Well, if you still can not do without notebooks, then let your choice always be eco-friendly.
  • Go to social networks. Say goodbye to business cards!
  • Minimize the waste!
    Help your guests reduce the amount of waste. For example, you can use products without additional packaging in the buffet, and serve coffee and tea in reusable dishes. After all, it looks much more aesthetic. Well, if no way round it, then put the containers for waste sorting. ;)
  • Choose eco-friendly gifts!
    Yes! They can be eco-friendly and cover three functions at once: bring joy, remind about the event, and enlighten! Replace plastic bags with reusable branded shoppers or cute boxes that can be used for other purposes.
    Present gifts that will really help and will be well-liked!
  • Let your guests do something good! For example, if you need to sell tickets for participation in an event, then let them cost a little more than usual. You can transfer this money to the charity you want to support.
  • Give not only great projects, but the love you created them with! As we do!

In conclusion, we would like to add:

Fashion for us is a moment of wish to keep up with the times and constantly keep your finger on the pulse!

After all, as Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said — “To follow fashion is ridiculous, and not to follow is silly”!