A little bit about “SENSUM”

Fast facts

SENSUM by Amapola was founded in 2020.

We are a brand created by Amapola Exclusive Events, a professional planner of all kinds of events, from private parties to official ceremonies and international congresses.

SENSUM is a brand based on custom-tailored approach to the client and novel perception of the usual. We provide services in several segments, united by the common idea of awakening your senses and emotions.

SENSUM is not a product! SENSUM is a tremendous flow of feelings expressed in each segment.

We provide professional services in the following areas:


Coffee  Sensum.coffee

Each cup of coffee has its own story… Production from the roasting of beans to its transformation into a high-quality ready-to-use product. Ready-made solutions and professional coffee equipment.

We create the magic of unmatched flavors!

Floristry  Sensum.floristry

We open the doors to a new floristic world, creating a comprehensive encyclopedia of the characteristics of all flowers and their meanings.

Exclusive live compositions and herbaria tailored to the character of each client. Decoration of spaces with cut, potted and artificial plants. Landscape design, including the greening process and design development. High-quality service that includes personal curator services.

In a world of innovation and rapid change, being able to stand out has become a necessity, and we know exactly how to emphasize your individuality.

We will bring your inner garden back to life!

SENSUM FLORISTRY: More than flowers!


Photo Art  Sensum.floristry

The SENSUM team has created something special! Our art studio will help you realize your most daring fantasies and make unforgettable memories inspired by genuine emotions.

Participation in themed photo projects allows you to take in the art of transformation exquisitely reflected in the creation of striking images supplemented with significant details.

The doors of our studio are open for a complete immersion in a world of fantasies captured in extraordinary fragments of a completely new story for anyone who takes a step beyond their imagination.

Events  Sensum.events

Customized approach to the planning of important events is not an easy task, but our team does not shy away from challenges.

Not only do we bring incredible ideas to life, we also exceed expectations based on knowledge and experience combined with limitless possibilities of the imagination. If you want to impress your guests and business partners, taking into account the preferences of each of them, put your trust in us to feel the significant difference in the fulfillment of your wishes.

Tasteful entertainment is for true connoisseurs of pleasures! We offer you unforgettable memories, unbridled emotions and implement a variety of creative projects, including the planning of festivals, costume shows and master classes.

Open all the facets of perception of the world and become a source of inspiration for those who know how to surprise!

Full immersion in the atmosphere of festivity with SENSUM!

Education   Sensum.education

We provide courses to enhance the qualifications and skills of professionals in the arts, coffee industry, floristry, tourism and event planning. Acclaimed experts and competent mentors from a variety of fields will share their knowledge and teach you the intricacies you need for your work to get fruitful results. The training program helps to unlock the potential and improve the skills of everyone who is interested in self-development and achieving personal growth.

When awakening your life energy, it is essential to learn how to manage it. Courses to increase energy and intellectual abilities will help you cope with internal conflicts that impede the rational use of necessary resources. Comprehensive personal growth implies the correct balance between IQ and emotions, opening up new horizons for the perception of the world and one’s purpose.

We provide a perfect methodology for the development of abilities, which unlocks your potential and helps you find harmony of feelings aligned with the capabilities of the mind.

Knowledge (IQ), energy (VQ) and emotions (EQ) are key components of success, the path to which begins with a desire to open up to change and know yourself anew.