A little bit about “SENSUM”

Fast facts

The day is not far off when Amapola Exclusive Events will present to the attention of all residents of our country and not only its unique new brand, which will undoubtedly get to the very depths and settle right in the heart!

Today we will tell you a little about what the SENSUM by Amapola brand is, and what awaits our future friends behind the doors of a NEW WORLD OF SENSATIONS.

And we will start, perhaps, with the fact that the word SENSUM, translated from the Latin language, means nothing more than – FEELING.

In our world of contradictions and doubts, there are things that are not discussed – these are axioms and natural laws. Of course, it is no secret to anyone that our emotions and feelings play an extremely important role in life. We show them every second, always and everywhere. However, with the same absolute certainty we confuse them with each other.

Emotions are like an adaptive mechanism. They are inherent in us by default by nature for evaluating everything around us, which happens so rapidly that reason and logic are not connected at all. It is worth to note that the emotional assessment is the most correct. Nature cannot deceive! And we know that.

The word emotion is a very ancient phenomenon in the history of our development and comes from the Latin expression “exmotio”. That is, it is something that arises from movement.

Observe people. Right now. And you will notice that there are situations in which people ignore their emotions, try not to notice them, hide them or simply do not realize them. And you will also see that emotions simply cannot be fooled! This is not the case.

You must admit that without emotions we would have long ago lost the ability to navigate in the world around us. We would freeze, die of hunger, and lose vitality and even interests…

We would become inexplicably irritated, like that tired person who did not have the opportunity to lie down and sleep. This is because fatigue cannot be deceived. It can only be left unsatisfied…

However, with love, by the way, things are completely different! ;)

You may ask “Why?”

And because love is not an emotion, it is something immeasurably more complex, it is a FEELING!

Therefore, we have reached the very heart of SENSUM with you. Further, it will only be more exciting!

One of the best experts in this area – brain researcher, Portuguese scientist Antonio Damasio, says the following – feelings arise when the formation of ideas is triggered. They are so complex that their study is far beyond the brain science in general.

Feelings are more than emotions; they are not just “mental states”.

Feeling is the state in which a person is able to be aware of everything around him/her by the most subtle neurons of his/her mind and body. Very deep and intensely individual.

Let’s use simple examples.

Turn left now!

What did you see? Has nothing happened? Look deeper into yourself!

We know.

The first thing that popped up in your head was CURIOSITY. Curiosity is emotion. Nevertheless, it is loose.

Feelings are more stable. They penetrate deeper and last longer. Like your frustration after not seeing anything new. They do not depend on mood. Moods are changeable. They are half feelings and half emotions.

Feelings are very conservative creatures, because people do not tend to change much.

If you love sweets, then this is for life. You can only “dull” your love, but not change your attitude towards it.

Let’s just say that if we really always talked about our feelings, we would never rush to answer. Because they cement our essence. They decide what concerns us and what hurts us.

Our desires are among the strongest and most intense feelings.

We perceive not the world, but its model created by the brain. All perceive it differently – for some, sounds play a special role, for others images, for others smells and tastes. For the fourth, it is important, for example, to feel … But the most important thing is that the perception of the world is the same in all languages! And this is, of course, FEELINGS!

At this point, we return to love again.

Not a single person lives without desires, and, we dare to assume, s/he certainly does not live without one quite definite desire – to love and be loved.

Undoubtedly, this desire has an emotionally charged motive. Our need for intimacy, security, satisfaction, gifts, and excitement is highly emotional. Love itself, as already mentioned, is not an emotion, but at least a feeling associated with a whole catalog of representations.

How does the transition from a simple emotional need to complex representations of love occur? Is there a bond that firmly connects one to the other?

We say – YES! And this is SENSUM!

We have combined all emotions, tastes, feelings, moods and characters in a vision that is completely unusual for society. By creating our brand, we touched and delved into human sensations so that all can get what they love and want.

Sensum is a unique brand where an important component is presenting the old vision through the new prism of human sensations. We can safely say that Sensum is not a company or an organization!

Sensum is a huge stream of feelings that we express individually in each direction of all our consumer desires!

In fact, feelings are the last unrevealed area that interests us most as humans.

Therefore, we have created for you a UNIQUE LABORATORY of SENSES!

Follow the news! After all, we know you as you do not know yourself!

Open yourself to the world!